Just new year random thoughts

  • Ick; it’s rainy today and my face hurts from the pressure. But hopefully, it means we’ll get cooler temps and sunny days going forward.
  • I mentioned before how I always feel off-kilter in January. I have no idea how to really “fix” that other than what I did this year which was to ignore the pressures of making resolutions or even focusing on “another year ending, another year beginning.” In many ways, I let one day roll into the next without so much as labeling it the new year. It actually helped me feel more “normal”, because nothing was momentous. Society tends to do that stuff too often – make a big deal out of stuff that doesn’t need to be. The calendar is a social construct anyway.
  • I think one thing that will help is to make a list of stuff I need to take care of coming up; things like pay the second installment of Isaac’s 7th grade trip fee, make some doc appointments (eye, annual, etc…), and put things on the calendar for Brew Club (now that I have a larger role). When I am staying on top of stuff I can better work around any mishaps or speed bumps I may encounter. If I already feel behind, I tend to let that trip me up even more. The first step is to be aware of your shortcomings!
  • I watched the inauguration livestream on Tuesday because, well, I definitely voted for DeSantis and I’m pretty dang patriotic. I have never been more proud to be a Floridian. Sure, I hold a special place for this wacky state in my heart anyway but I think now more than ever it’s great to live here. We’re as free as can be and don’t cow to all the social BS that seems to be pervasive these days. Too bad I couldn’t be down at the ceremony but up here, I could still hear the canons and the flyover, so that was pretty cool. I may have teared up a little watching Ron’s speech but hey, that’s just who I am.
  • In the near future, I need to do two things that I think will help my life immensely: do some better meal planning and find time to run. These are both reasonable and attainable goals. For one, making meal plans is easy if I just sit down on the weekend with the calendar. Meals change depending on what activities the kids have but if I plan ahead for them, I can get home in the afternoons and start without too much stress. Now, running is achievable with the light we’ll inevitably reclaim as Spring comes in but the hurdle is eating! If I don’t get home until 5, and I’m trying to squeeze in a run, we won’t eat until after 6. This is not ideal for those of us who haven’t eaten since maybe even lunch the day before. Nor is this ideal for the various activities I have to drive kids to and from. So, I either have to get up really early to run or stick to weekends only. I haven’t hammered out the details here so this part is a work in progress.
  • I’m pretty proud of myself for doing over a 24 hour fast yesterday. Er, Monday lunch to Tuesday dinner. This used to be a staple of my life but we really let that go sometime in November. Maybe earlier. I had begun weaving in not a second meal, per se, but a smaller keto snack at the end of a four hour eating window. And I noticed it helped me to lose a few pounds then maintain that weight. It was difficult though, not gonna lie. I wanted to eat but I held out and did well! Sadly, I feel kind of hungry already this morning.
  • Our office did a door decorating contest for December and I participated, even though it felt TOO official. Turns out they usually do one but it isn’t so strict. This new person enacted a bunch of rules and specific ways of voting so it kind of made it, well, not so fun. I was assured by other people who have been here longer that it was always loosey-goosey before so this is indeed new. Why is it people have to suck the fun out of stuff?
  • It’s been weird breaking into this year so far; I have a bunch of stuff I want to work on but I cannot seem to get started. In the absence of Wednesday Hodgepodge this month, maybe I can use this day as a list-making post day. Perhaps THAT will get me motivated!

6 thoughts on “Just new year random thoughts

  1. Ha. Welcome to January. You are making headway for sure. I’ve decided to spend 6 months in maintenance since I’ve been dieting since I was 14. It feels weird and I’m still leery of too many carbs so took the English muffin back out. Worry about fat and carbs together and I’m still pretty much doing low carb. Staying below 30 or so. 1700 calories is so much food for me, so shooting for 1600 for now and lots of weight lifting and walking and yoga. I do enjoy a good fast but plan to skip those for a good while, too. Trying to heal up here. Happy Wednesday.

    1. I understand. I feel like I do better when I go in and out of specific things such as fasting or one meal, etc. I go back to something more reasonable then get strict again. Seems to work and it’s not like a yo-yo diet because it’s not all in or all out.

    1. Yeah, I know he’d probably be the best we’ve got but I’m greedy and I want him here. If he stays in Florida for this term and then runs for prez, I’d be ok. This would put us closer to moving out of Florida anyway. Not sure I want to live here if Dems take over.

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