Random Tuesday – Back in the office, warding off head cold

  • That’s right: my daughter’s cough and whatnot is trying to take me down but I won’t let it! It basically just feels like a head cold. My nose isn’t even stuffy; it’s just this weird congestion. I don’t really cough a lot but if I get going, it’s a lot. I am doing all my normal things: essential oils, lots of water, fasting. It tends to work so wish me luck. We’re going out tonight so I have to put on a happy face. I am not contagious (no fever) so I just have to suck it up. I mostly feel fine otherwise, if we’re being honest.
  • There’s one week left in fantasy football and while I’ve been out in Ash’s work league, I backed my way into playoffs in the Smith league and it now comes down to me versus my oldest son. There’s some irony here given that he played in it before my other son and never really cared about it. This was the first year he REALLY tried: watched his team, added and dropped players, etc. He got really into playing Madden too so I think that boosted his overall interest. He also got really lucky so there’s that. If he beats me, I won’t be too sad. My team name this season was “Perpetually Second” – for it seems I always come in second place – so I’m not going to be sad if I lose to him. If he wins, it could go one of two ways: next season he takes it even more seriously OR he quits while he’s ahead.
  • I ran yesterday for the first time in a week (been too busy!) and now my body aches. It’s very much time to get back to it. That and healthier eating. We all know the holidays are a time to overindulge and while I don’t think I did it TOO much, I feel like it’s time to eat some keto meals and probably fast a lot more often. I planned Wednesday for ground beef and asparagus so that will be good.
  • I’m getting a bit tired of this cold. I ran out right at 7 this morning to pick up some cough medicine and chicken noodle soup for my daughter (since Ash and I both had to work today) and even though it was a quick trip, I knew my small sweater on top of work clothes was not enough. Luckily, Ash got me a very nice Land’s End winter coat that people will probably say is not really a “Florida coat” but who cares? It’s warm as hell! I put it on this morning to walk from my parking lot into work and it is indeed amazing. It’s cold in my office though and I just keep shivering, even with my little space heater.
  • Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for today. Hope everyone is enjoying the weird week between Christmas and New Year’s!

5 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Back in the office, warding off head cold

  1. Do me a favor and do not run until you are feeling 100%–just walk. Or rest. This really is important for your immune system. šŸ™‚ Vaccination status could affect your immune system, too. Side effects from it, etc. Feel better. (Fasting is not a bad idea, though). šŸ™‚

    1. I didn’t feel bad when I ran so yeah, that was definitely a mistake. We took a long walk last night that I feel like helped. I hate to admit it but I don’t have a vaccination status. LOL.

      1. Good on the vaccination status, actually. I was being tactful. And good you aren’t running right now. Wait until you feel 100%. Feel better.

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