Friday Five – Short on time, tired, and overbooked

  1. I have SO MUCH GRADING to do. I realized on Wednesday that my grading deadline for one of my jobs is Monday but I have jury duty. Now, will I get out of it? Maybe. You have to call an automated line Sunday evening. But in case I have to go, I have to get this grading done ahead of time. So that is my entire morning and, fingers crossed, it isn’t too busy in here and I have to tutor. Otherwise I will need to rally and do it at home later.
  2. I don’t know why I have been so tired this week. I have actually slept pretty well with minimal mid-night wake ups. But I just feel exhausted. I think it’s from…over-thinking. I have been so overwhelmed by the things we have on our collective plates, I think I’m just wearing myself out. Between the interviews I have had and the upcoming races, I am just a mess. One good thing that happened this week, though, is that the middle school cross country team took first place! The season ended Wednesday and Isaac’s team won. He had a good time that day too so that was nice to see. They get a banner in the gym with all the boys’ names!
  3. We have so much going on this weekend and then this morning, my son tells me none of his pants fit – he’s now too tall. I guess I believe him, since they measured him at 5’4” yesterday at the doctor. This time last year he was probably 4 inches shorter. Sigh. So tonight, while Isaac has a practice, I guess I will take him to Academy. He’s pretty picky about his clothes right now: will only wear PFG or Columbia long sleeve tech shirts, Columbia shorts, and whatever sweat pants aren’t skinny. I get it, but it’s always something else I need to do for these kids!
  4. I am really hoping that I get this job in the House. I mentioned it before, I think, that it’s editing bills for the legislators. My friend who works in the capitol told me the main guy called her and said I’m definitely their first pick for now, but they are still interviewing. I think I just want something else, something I can count on. Mostly, I want to quit this tutoring job. One of the other guys is leaving and it makes me anxious to get out of here myself!
  5. I have roughly one hour until I’m done with my shift and I am plowing through grading. I was way too overbooked on classes this term but once I realized how much money I need in a month, I got greedy about taking on courses. Sure! Give me two here, and two here, and two here! I literally have 8 total sections of teaching and this LC job. It’s quite a lot and I now see that I cannot physically do this much. There is not enough time!

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