Friday Five – Home sweet home

  1. Back in Florida and despite some heat, it feels pretty awesome. I’m sure I will recap our week-long trip but for now let’s suffice to say: it went very well; perhaps better than I imagined.
  2. Getting home around 4 yesterday was the best because I was able to do some normal house stuff and laundry and I even cooked! My daughter said to me, “Mom, do you remember how to cook?” Yes, we do eat out a lot on a vacation. But funny enough, we ate at the airbnb plenty; just not full on cooked meals.
  3. The highlight of the trip for the kids was definitely Cedar Point. They had an amazing time riding roller coasters. The highlight for me was seeing more of America, especially some little towns. There’s something charming about them.
  4. I want to say I can really relax now but we leave in a couple hours for Jacksonville for a concert. Luckily, that’s not very far (a bit over 2 hours, which seems reasonable considering we drove from Florida to northern Ohio!) I’m fine with more activity; it’s the spending money I can do without. One bonus on this trip was that we rented a vehicle and we got this hybrid Pacifica. That thing didn’t need near as much gas as we thought.
  5. I am going to go catch up on some YouTube and write a bit then I have actual work to do. Catch me next week in my trip recap!

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