Random Tuesday – If it ain’t one thing it’s another

  • Yeah, I’m back to being stressed out; this last set of bills was high: airbnbs, paying off the rest of the soccer season, etc. I am on lockdown for the foreseeable future! Luckily, I’m gonna get going here on two jobs. Just gotta hang in there a little longer. And then through the summer months and it’ll be back to “normal”.
  • I’m pretty glad soccer is almost over; much as I love being and staying busy, sometimes it can just be so overwhelming. We have three more practices this week and then a three day tournament then we are done. And I need a break! But then, I don’t like sitting around either. So I start looking at stuff that needs to get done around the house and I get all frazzled all over again! I know in time I will calm down and handle it all but for now, the weight of the world feels like it is pressing upon me.
  • I’m sure no one likes that I use my random blog posts as outlets for complaining but it’s not so much whining as it is release – I need to write things out to think them through and this is my venue for just that. I did get my calendar up to date with the kids’ end of school activities and the tournament schedule. I HAVE to visualize the day and I have totally embraced google calendar. It’s a life saver!
  • Another issue I am running into is reimagining how I work. I am notoriously MUCH better at thinking and working in the morning. This bodes well for tutoring then but it doesn’t help me in the event I don’t have time while at work to grade papers for my other classes. I’d have to work as soon as I get home between 1 and 2 and that is my sleepy time. I think I might start retraining myself to have one cup of coffee when I wake up and then take a go-cup of it to work and drink it around 10. This way I can spread out the caffeine infusion a little better.
  • Let’s talk about upcoming good stuff, shall we? We have a potential to go beach camping with our friends. We might rent our own site but they think they can jam us into theirs. It’s tent camping but they have an extra so we’d put the kids in one and we’d get the other. We have a mini a/c unit and you know, it might just be a whole lot of fun. Usually, we don’t stay when we camp because there’s no showers but this site has them. These are soccer/brew club friends and while I disliked the wife at first, she’s not so bad. In fact, we’re a lot alike. We also have a beach weekend with our regular friend group during father’s day weekend. The next week we drive to Ohio! Staying in Knoxville on the way up (our fave old Mexican restaurant still has a loc there) and then Chattanooga on the way back. I’m pretty pumped about that one. The day after we get back we’re going to a concert with my sister in Jacksonville. Then in December we’re going to a Cowboys game! My sister’s long-time boyfriend, Justin, is from Dallas and a huge fan and he’s turning 40 so we had planned years ago to take him to a game. We’ll be driving, which sucks, but it should be a cool trip. Lots on the books; my mom said maybe we need to pump the brakes so we don’t get burned out but listen: I am not a materialistic person so why not spend money on experiences?
  • Starting a new job is always weird. You kind of sit and wait to see if anyone needs you to do something. I observed a tutoring session yesterday so I am free to do one myself. But that’s IF anyone comes in and a. it’s summer and b. the term just began. So really, I have free time. I just graded papers for one of my jobs so…bonus!
  • I’m going to go and craft my Thursday post now. Happy Tuesday!

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