MMMM + At the new job

And it is freezing! I knew it would be because I teach here too so some classrooms are like the arctic but still; I am dying a wee bit. Anyway, just got the run-down of what is expected of me and whatnot. I had some preconceived notions of the woman I am working closely with, based on previous interactions, but you know, she’s actually a lot cooler than I thought. So there’s that. Anyway, you want the weekend recap? You got it!

Thursday: worked all AM on grading, tutored a kid, ate lasagna, went to brew club.

Friday: brewed a pale ale in the AM, finished at 1:30 and immediately left to meet my mom and a friend for lunch. Had a beer and some amazing tacos. Then we kind of hung around until 5:30 when Elliot had his first soccer tournament game. After that (his team won) we went with our friends (whose son is also on the team) to Growler Country. Having been drinking since 2, I did not want to go to our neighbor’s house at 10 but Ash felt bad for the guy: it was his 40th bday and he didn’t have a party or anything. He doesn’t have a lot of friends. Anyway, we only stayed for about 45 minutes, thankfully.

Saturday: Had to be to the soccer fields by 7:30. Isaac had an 8 am game then we came home to get the other two kids and pack the other stuff we needed. Went back for an 11 game, then had a 12:30. After that we went to our friend’s house (We have two good friends’ sons on the team so it was those of us in the friend group going back to hang out and whatnot). The younger kids swam and the big boys played on their phones until we had to go back for 330 and 5 o’clock games. It was a lot! Elliot’s team won their division for the tournament and Isaac’s team came in second. If they’d gotten a shut out in the last game they would have won. But hey, not too shabby! We did NOTHING that night, thank God.

Sunday: I planned to just chill and clean but I ended up cleaning and working on the pool and we also transferred some beer. Dakota had a couple friends over in the afternoon so we had to get it all ready. Nice time; we sat with one of the girl’s dads and just chatted. In the evening, I made the kids a pizza and we had Mexican and then we just hung out. I was feeling stressed but woke up this morning feeling more even-keeled. My daughter has a field trip today so I was up early and had plenty of time to get myself right. I wrote in my journal – a brand new notebook too – and listened to a little music. It was nice. Now I am in the Learning Commons and just sort of waiting. I have to observe my mentor do a session once before I can actually begin but since the term just began, students aren’t really coming in. I only have 1.5 hours left so I am good to go for now. I can work on some of my other things and just be. Well, and earn an hourly wage. LOL. I cannot complain!


OK the theme has to do with cars or racing.

I figured a bunch of people might pick this one:

And because I once watched this anime, here’s the intro song. It’s all about drift racing in Japan.

5 thoughts on “MMMM + At the new job

  1. Our neighborhood is across the road from one of the major ball fields and about a mile away from the other one. I always think it is fun if we are out in the yard and hear a big cheer! Sounds like y’all had a BUSY weekend!

    1. Always! One more big tournament this weekend and we are done, as well as the kids are just about done with school. Maybe things can slow down!

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