Thursday rambling

I was given a gift today: all the people in my house left at the same time. It is take your kid to work day so the younger two went with my husband. My oldest leaves at 6:25 so here I am, almost 2 hours before the normal time that a kid leaves. I could really take advantage and get started on work now.

Will I? Well, probably soon. Yesterday was a pretty good day. I almost feel like I should have been happier. In the morning, I got offered the TCC tutoring job. At noon I had an interview with a school in Nebraska that offers online classes. The interview went really well; it was with the department chair and two full-time professors there and at the end of it they went ahead and offered me employment. So today I have to turn in all my paperwork and all that. You know what they say: when it rains it pours. At least now I know that the summer won’t be so bad. I’ll be back on campus for a few hours a week and I’ll have to rearrange my time pretty good. Especially given these tutoring students that I’ve picked up online. I’m trying not to stress about how to rearrange everything. But these are also good problems to have and I shouldn’t complain. Today is also busy because as per usual, we are hosting an NFL draft party. Last year it was the most stressful thing because that same morning, my son was having surgery on his broken leg. I can’t believe it’s been over a year since he did that; that seemed like such a major thing in our lives then.

I am mostly ready for the party; I got ingredients to make Crock-Pot rotel dip, I have cream cheese and pepper jelly and crackers, chips and salsa. We told other people to bring snacks if they felt like it. I feel like last year’s turned out pretty well even though we were so busy with the surgery, so this year should be similar in that the only things I really need to do are blow off the deck, rearrange, and plug in the other dynatrap. Again, I feel like I have all this extra time to get ahead, but here I am, writing a blog post instead. I will probably read for a little while and then get going. I have a lot that I need to get done today so I’d better get going on it.

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