A to Z Challenge – Day 20

T is for Teen Magazines

Man, I did love reading those, even though I am not the kind of person who cares of gossip or celebrities now. I guess it was sheer naiveite on my part but I just loved reading about what my favorite actors’ favorite colors and foods were.

But more than anything else, I guess I just liked looking at pretty guys. I lived in a time when girls plastered their walls with posters and pictures of actors and band members. I feel like this no longer happens! I have this memory of trading a picture of Patrick Swayze from Teen Bop for a picture of John Stamos. I was in a day camp at a local college, probably 5th grade, and this girl and I set it up and traded these glossy 8×10 shots of our guys in the bathroom one day after lunch. It felt like I’d gotten my hands on some kind of treasure, which is funny since I am sure I could have just bought that same magazine and gotten that photo.

(I’m behind on my days so this one is short.)

2 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge – Day 20

  1. Do you remember the fad where teenybopper fanzines were running pictures of celebrity boys without shirts? Or was that just one of the magazines (e.g. Tiger Beat)?

    I remember picking up one of those magazines because it had a picture of five guys wearing White Sox hats on the cover, thinking it was a baseball magazine. No, it was a boy band…

  2. I’m of a different generation but we had 16 and Tiger Beat, among others. Everything was “groovy’. There were also magazines devoted to The Beatles, with tons of “pix” and a (chaste) centerfold. It was great when they published lyrics to songs, too. Alana ramblinwitham

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