A to Z Challenge – Day 19

S is for Sunrises

If we’re being honest, I thought of a lot of S words but none enough to really expound upon: Supermarket Sweep, Sunday mornings, Silly Putty, Sit n Spin, Slurpees. But I went with sunrises.

Not only do I have fond memories of them from my childhood but I feel like they represent more of my character than, say, sunsets. I get a little depressed when the sun goes down but in the morning, as the sun starts to peek out and bathe the world in its warmth and light, I feel renewed and rejuvenated.

There’s just something awesome about early morning light: the way it touches trees and shines through the boughs, spotting the grass in mottled patches. I love how it greets the world so warmly and sprightly, just so happy. It signifies a new day, yes, but another opportunity for a person to go out and be great, to see greatness around them.

When I was little, we’d visit my grandparents and my grandpa used to take me with him on bike rides. They lived very close to the Atlantic so we’d wind our way towards the Dunkin’, get coffee and donuts, then we’d go to this little park that stood right near the ocean. He and I would sit on this one bench, look out over the sea, and he’d even let me sip coffee. If we left early enough, we’d catch the sunrise. I am sure I am adding details to this memory, the after the fact ideas my memory has filled in, but the image of old man and child on bench, silhouetted by the sun is etched in my mind.

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