Wednesday Podge – Short week

1. What’s something you wish you had spent more time doing when you were younger? Explain. 

Maybe I’ll say understanding my dad. I honestly can’t think of much else I didn’t do, at least a little. But I always resented him so much and although we get along great now, I feel like I wasted time.

2. Who inspires you to be better. Tell us how. 

I guess my husband. He points out stuff I don’t see and places where I don’t catch myself falling. Nothing major but little things. And he keeps me sane most of the time.

3. Share a money saving tip with us. 

I’m not sure how much it actually saves but I use the app ibotta and you can get decent cash back on a lot of items if you spend some time culling through the deals wherever you’re shopping then all you have to do is upload a receipt.

4. It’s National Garlic Day…are you a fan? Your favorite dish that includes garlic? 

I never used to be but it grew on me. I guess my favorite thing to put it in would be my spaghetti sauce. I cheat a bit and use the squeeze minced garlic but I still do sauté it in olive oil first.

5. Would you describe yourself as decisive or indecisive. Elaborate. 

I would say as it pertains to most things having to do with my routine, very decisive but I can be indecisive when tasked with a new situation. Sometimes I really hate having to think about making a decision. And I guess that’s just a way I deal with overwhelming things: I’d like to avoid them but then again, that’s not the way to handle life.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

I am about to have a meeting with the department chair for one of my online jobs. It’s for an observation he did for all the instructors but I guess he follows up, etc. I hope it’ll be ok; I am a little angry at this college because the pay is pretty miserable but because it’s in Ohio, like my other online gig, I went over a certain amount of money and ended up owing on my taxes this year. Ugh. If I can get one of those part time jobs I mentioned before, I may kick that school to the curb.

Anyway, today is like my Friday because we go to St. Augustine tomorrow for a concert. This also means that between now and 3 today, I have to get ALL my normal weekly grading done. It’s going to be intense!

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