No MMMM + Need to get off this crazy train

It would appear that even though the holiday season a few months ago was busy and I felt like we’d be getting a break in 2022, that is not the case. Last week had us super busy and it’s not slowing down.

On Friday, Ash and I did a bunch of maintenance things: blowing off the roof (easier now that our trees over the house are gone; it’s just neighbors’ plus wind) and spraying wet n forget. We also rotated out emergency hurricane gas tanks and refilled them. Which was nice for me because my car got a “free” fill up, since we’d put that gas in some time last year. With the prices what they are now, it was definitely cheaper then, even with it being a time when people were storm panicking (we never did get said storm).

After all that work, we had hibachi and we drank some beer in the afternoon. I cut off by 7 because we had a 5k the next morning. And about that: I failed to read that the 1 mile started at 8 and the 5k, 8:30. I’d planned the morning around 8 so it was rush rush. The kids all finished before me: Isaac did it in 24! The other two finished in 29 and I did it in 30. So then we hustled back to the house (it took place at a church half a mile from us) and got ready for an entire day of soccer: games at 9:30, 11, and 12:30. No one won, sadly, though Elliot’s team tied game 2. After that, everyone was hungry and sunburned; ugh. Went for a very late lunch at the neighborhood Mexican place and then we did literally nothing. I sat in my chair and we watched The Sting. After relaxing, we did get up and transfer two beers into kegs and I cooked for the kids.

Later that evening, we got a text jogging our memories about Sunday plans we’d made the weekend before. I had totally forgotten! So Sunday, I got up at 7 after an amazing night of sleep and got laundry finished (I started Saturday to get ahead) and got to the store early.

The plans were to meet a couple friends and their families at this place called the Craft House and then go to the nearby pinball place. Well, we ate a very early lunch here first then met them just for drinks and fun. We left around 2 and around 3:30, my friend and her daughter came over and we played Cornhole and kan jam until 6:30 or so. Fun but so much going on, always!!

I’m not even sure what would help me to feel like we are not always running head first into insanity but so be it. Some day when kids no longer live here, I’ll be remembering the craziness with fondness, I’m sure.

It’s the last week before spring break and we have no plans. In some ways I am really happy about that. I want to get yardwork done, get it ready for Spring. I doubt we’ll open the pool but maybe. In between soccer games, my son went home with his friend and teammate and they jumped into their pool which was a brisk 69 degrees. And theirs is in full sun! So I highly doubt ours will be ready any time soon. And when it is, then we’re just right back to more work and maintenance!

I’m not going to do the Monday music because I don’t know that I can contribute anything that won’t already be shared. SO this post was for me to recount and remember and get myself into a writing mode so I can do my work. Still searching for ONE more job to add onto the pot and in the meantime, try not to panic about lack of money rising gas prices, and a god-awful administration that’s trying to sell America down the river; sigh.

3 thoughts on “No MMMM + Need to get off this crazy train

  1. It sounds like you had a great weekend! I needed gas this weekend and failed to buy it . . .and it has gone up again!

  2. I swear, whoever’s in charge in Washington (and it ain’t Biden: I doubt he can remember to pull his pants down before he goes to the bathroom) has gone out of their way (and I do think it’s more than one) to undo the good that Trump did, simply because Trump did it and ORANGE MAN BAD. We were a net exporter of oil until he made them stop drilling for it (and put thousands of people out of work), just to please the crowd that thinks we have to throw all of Western Civilization into reverse because the polar bears (whose population has skyrocketed and who will eat anything if they can’t get fish because they’re bears) and this bizarre notion that the world will burn to a crisp unless we stop using plastic bags and straws. Now all of a sudden Covid’s not a problem because there’s an election in November that’s likely to go against them….

    You know the drill….

    1. Oh do I ever. The whole covid thing is the WORST; dropping mask mandates because your numbers are in the shitter – yeah, if y’all can’t see what a sham it all was, then I can’t help you. As they say, you can’t fix stupid!

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