MMMM + Halloween weekend recap

I just closed the door for my son, who goes to the bus at the literal butt crack of dawn. It has been a long, busy weekend! I’ll backtrack to Wednesday where Ash’s office had some kind of happy hour at Proof so we went and drank and I was pretty dang tired. So began my sleep deficit. Thursday, luckily, we just had soccer practice. Friday, Isaac had game one of his tournament and they played the Classic team he tried out for but did not make. They lost. Saturday morning, we eased into the day – not really, I did some work around the house – and then he had an 11 am game. We lost that one also. But the kids got concessions, which I NEVER allow, so that made them happy. We had just enough time to come home and eat something ourselves before going back and losing to one more team! The whole tournament was a bust for his team but hey, sometimes that happens. He got invited to play in next weekend’s 9v9 tournament as a stand-in so maybe that one will be more fun because it’s not the team he played for all season, you know?

Anyway, we got home and rested a bit before going out to our friend’s around 5 to help get their haunted house started before the actual party. That was a pretty fun time: Dakota’s teacher was there, as well as Elliot’s math teacher from last year. Yeah, Tallahassee is small like that. The haunted house was pretty cool but not as cool as the first year I went to it. I didn’t tell them that, of course. We got home around 11, though for two of my kids, that was another late night since they’d gone out Friday to put finishing touches on it anyway. Of course, my oldest had stayed up gaming so all my children were getting a bit cranky.

Sunday, they were ok – a little whiny and burned out. We didn’t do much other than laundry and football and then around 6 we went up the road to our friend’s and did trick or treating with them. It’s Ash’s work friend and he did this whole big rig on his trailer with lights so the kids could ride on it around the neighborhood, which was cool but I thought they were going to invite their usual crew, which is comprised of families from Girl Scouts, but apparently it was just us. But we had a good time. We all dressed like Mortal Kombat characters and we got the good pic (coming soon) but then Elliot’s friend came over and he bailed on us. But he’s 14 now and that’s about the time when you want to still get candy but don’t feel like a kid anymore. I get it. So in the end, his friend dressed like Kanye – if you could call it that – and Ell dressed as a soccer player. Lame!

This morning, I am trying to take it slow but I know that this isn’t slowing down anytime soon. I have class today and then a lot of work to catch up on. Tomorrow, we have a going away party for a couple friends we’ve known a long time. They’re moving to, I want to say Colorado or some place where they can hike and stuff. They don’t have kids and probably won’t but they like the outdoorsy stuff. Wednesday is a dinner for the Cross Country team so we’ll go up to Momo’s with Isaac. I think we’re free Thursday and then Friday and Saturday Isaac will have the 3 game tournament again. Sunday is the Tallahassee Brewfest, which will be exhausting. It doesn’t actually begin until 3 but we have to get there by about 10:30 so we can set up, let our kegs settle, then I think there’s vendor VIP food at one, then the actual attendee VIP starts at 2, with the event for GA beginning at 3. We’re bringing a couple folks to help pour so we can take turns walking around. I think there are supposed to be maybe 70 actual breweries and 15 or so homebrewers. I don’t know how many of those are not in our group but if there are some, that would be cool too. I am already familiar with our group’s brews.

I could really use a vacation – and indeed, Ash and I are getting away the next weekend – but I don’t know what actually constitutes a vacation for me. I’m so bad at actually relaxing so what would it even look like for me? I have a feeling that I’d need to be dragged to the woods or something and unplugged but also, need some kind of comfort. I hate camping; lol. But that might be the kind of getaway that would reinvigorate me.


I wish I had anything to share that you all would like but the last good songs I’ve listened to are hard. So you get them now anyway! At least it’s new stuff. Knowing hard bands are still producing music in this awful hiphop/pop society full of vapid lunacy reminds me that some people still “get” it when it comes to rock. Thank God. That soothes my soul. (trigger warning on second vid for… blood? Yeah. The guy’s family died so I mean, this singer has a lot of pent up rage.)

3 thoughts on “MMMM + Halloween weekend recap

  1. Volbeat – I know some of their songs, but not this one. I really liked the intro and all the flames. Whitechapel – I’m not that big a fan of death metal, but I gave it a listen. Yeah, blood. Rage. I’ve really got to be in the mood for this genre. Alana ramblinwitham

  2. You are the busiest person I know. Yikes, I need a vacation just reading everything you do. Whew! I hope you enjoy your get-away time. Thanks for sharing your song picks. It’s not my forte, but I appreciate sampling stuff that’s out of my norm. We’re on staycation this week and next, so chances are good I’ll be late visiting again. 🙂 Have a boogietastic weekend!

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