Random Tuesday – new classes, inevitable, about to be slammed

  • I have about 15-20 minutes before I need to leave for campus. My face to face classes began yesterday but I have to go all 5 days; I have two MWFs and one TR. I don’t mind really; I plan to do my intros with today’s class and it will probably finish a bit early, then I am going to get a much-needed pedicure and then I think I’ll get a Publix Italian salad. I haven’t exactly been good about sticking to keto all seven days of the week but I find that if I do it maybe 3-4, I am still losing weight. Especially if I only eat once a day. And if I feel my big lunch was not quite enough, I throw in a quick fat-heavy keto snack around 4 and I’m good to go.
  • My first two classes seem good so far. I have taught a couple at this college where, after day one intros, I was pretty worried about those students. For example, one time I had this pretty hefty girl whose interesting things about herself included: “doing my hair and nails, sleeping… and I LOVE myself. I am really just so into me.” I kid you not. And you know what? She did not pass that class! Lordy; but not everyone is supposed to go to college. It just is not for everyone!
  • But the majority of these students want to be there, are engaged, and try very hard.
  • So, they reinstated the mask mandate in schools for k-8. Sigh. It’s a bunch of crap too because for one, new studies come out every day about the ineffectiveness of masks and the insanely high rate of survival for children. IF my two younger children did have it (which they probably did because they were sick at the same time as when about 30 kids left camp due to it) then they have antibodies. Oh, but if for some reason they need to be quarantined due to “being exposed”, I cannot show an antibody test. I would have to provide a positive test from the past 90 days. That ain’t fair. So it’s really only a matter of time before a kid gets sent home because they may have been in contact with someone who’s been in contact with someone who was sent home for being sick. We are making public policy for all the wrong reasons with little data and I am – at times – about to lose my damned mind over it.
  • I was fleshing out my calendar for the next few weeks and it is… overwhelming. Little things like the weekly piano lessons, picking Isaac up from XC, band instrumental rental night. But also, starting this Thursday, weekly meets, then soccer practice twice a week, then a couple fantasy football drafts, and then just everything else in and around that: trying to squeeze in walks and runs, going out with friends if possible. It’s all just a lot!
  • OK, that class went well and we only took up about 40 minutes, so I went and got a much needed pedicure then picked up a big Italian salad at the grocery store. If you’re only going to eat once a day, your meal needs some diversity: this salad had dark greens, veggies, three kinds of meat and cheese. The meat wasn’t exactly “clean” keto but hey, you do the best you can!
  • I had this weird thing happen on my drive home: it just struck me out of nowhere that we have a high schooler. That just SOUNDS crazy. Like, how in the world is that possible? Sometimes I still feel like a young parent but then I realize, um, no, I’ve been doing this a while!
  • OK, it’s thundering but the radar shows no rain. Let’s hope it passes before 4 so Isaac can have practice. He made cross country with a great tryout time but due to rain, he’s only had one practice. I hope it stops so he can at least get a couple runs in before the meet!

12 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – new classes, inevitable, about to be slammed

  1. People are always scolding us to “trust the science!” I do trust the science, I just don’t trust the scientists. I’ll bet that if we were to look at Flip-Flop Fauci’s stock portfolio, we’d find that he’s heavily invested in Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson.

    I feel sorry for the kids who have to sit there wearing a mask and breathing in their own carbon dioxide all day. They claim that hypercapnia (too much carbon dioxide in the blood) isn’t an issue, but I’ve heard otherwise.

    1. I posted a really interesting article from a physician today that was very fair and looked at data. She says she recommends vaccines for those in need but debunks, with data, the issue of getting vaccinated after already having it, as well as the uselessness for it for kids.

      1. Very good article. A very salient point was made in the comments, that we didn’t spend a whole lot of time looking for treatments. We knew people were going to catch it no matter what we did to try and stop it. We should have focused at least some attention on helping the people who were exposed and got sick from it….

      2. The vaccine was supposed to be the silver bullet in stopping it so instead of looking at “normal” ways to mitigate illness, we hung our hat on it and yes, I agree that that was a huge mistake.

      3. I think you’ll find this interesting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SiU_38hWbCI

        The guy who did the video, Ben Swann, used to be a news anchor here in Atlanta, but he gave that up to start Truth In Media, where he does investigative reports like this. I think he also shows up on RT occasionally… Anyway, he’s been following what’s been happening in Europe, and it’s become a consensus that the only way to achieve herd immunity is naturally, i.e. people getting the disease and getting over it, and building our resistance naturally. I wonder where we’d be today if we had just done that, like we did with SARS…

      4. And this makes sense given the actual survival rates. My newest Medium article talks about how fear is leading people instead of common sense stuff like this. Ugh.

      5. People don’t understand math. They 660,000 dead (likely an inflated figure) and don’t see that, in a country of 330 million people, that’s 0.2% of the population. They see 35 million infections and don’t realize that’s the number infected since the start, not the number currently dealing with it, nor do they consider how many of them never showed any symptoms, or who got a mild case and got over it.

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