Random Wednesday – No podge this week, stressing out, kids!

  • Second day of summer break with my kids by myself today. They were technically off Friday and Monday but Ash was here too. We had a loose plan Tuesday, thanks to my middle child who organized the day. He even wrote it down! They lost their video games for the week but mostly because next week at my parents’ place, they’ll probably play a lot. Yesterday went well but today is a little rougher because they just don’t grasp this idea of playing on something other than a device. And it perhaps makes me even madder because we have NOT been the parents who just let them have it whenever! I just remember my summer breaks: I barely watched TV. I played outside and with friends and just goofed off. These kids barely know how! I want to do what is good for them, even if it means working through a time when they’re “bored”.
  • We had quite the busy weekend though (and you can see how my kids did do other things but only because we organized it): my boys went to a friend’s house Friday evening (people they’ve known since birth!) and when we went to pick them up, we all hung out for a few hours. It’s nice to have such good friends. Saturday, Dakota had a birthday party and Ash and I went to the first Brew Club event since March 2020! Sunday was annual beach trip. We had 8 families there this time! It was a great day: smooth water, no rain, and everyone had fun. I was pretty worn out but glad for all the activity.
  • I have a lot of work to do before we head out Friday. Ell goes to the doc early then we pack the rental car and head to my parents’. That evening, we’ll set up their gaming systems and make sure my sister and Justin know everything they need to to take care of my 3 kids for, like, 6 days! I hope it won’t tax them entirely. After all, they don’t have kids and they’re used to a much quieter lifestyle. They may not be prepared for the insanity that is three kids – even if those kids are not babies anymore.
  • In case you wanted to know how much work I have, there are about 80 students in my classes this term and they have 5-6 assignments I have to grade each week! Some are simply assigning the full credit and some require actual feedback. It’s a lot but it pays the bills, I suppose.
  • We’re trying to refinance also so we can free up some money and get a newish car. Ell can get his learner’s permit in a year so we’d best start looking into another beater to keep around. LOL. Just kidding. He’ll probably take mine or Ash’s old car and we’ll get something small and practical for in-town driving.
  • I am not in a good mood today and I need to reign in the anger. I think the upcoming trip is finally stressing me out. I need to do laundry and start packing and we need to mow the front. Isaac and I mowed the back yesterday and I can’t tell if I should go ahead and heap on the front and hurt my back now or wait a day and spread out the pain.
  • On a completely random note, Boz Scaggs really had a lot of great songs. He is also supposed to come here in October. I kind of want to go but it’s an outdoor venue and I don’t want to sit on the grass but seated tickets are a little expensive.

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