Wednesday ‘Podge – It’s been a week for sure!

Left: before it got set. Looks a hell of a lot better once he moved most of it back into place. The surgeon is going to put two stainless steel “flex nails” on each side of the bone and get them healing. He opted out of the lifetime steel rod because his growth plate in the knee is still young. He’ll be in a cast for 4 weeks, then a boot, then healed. The nails will stay in until December to be safe. We’re on the road to recovery!

10 thoughts on “Wednesday ‘Podge – It’s been a week for sure!

  1. Oh, wow! that looks tough for sure. Hoping he will heal up without any complications and hopefully his young age will serve him well. Blessings abundant in the days ahead.

  2. Oh that is a bad break, I hope he feels better soon. I’m sure he’ll get the hang of the crutches.

    My daughter sprained her ankle in 7th grade during a lacrosse scrimmage, wound up needing crutches for a few weeks. She said she was the most popular girl in school because she could leave class a few minutes early, and a friend could leave with her to carry her books to the next class. In 8th grade she wound up on crutches again, a fractured bone in her foot during a lacrosse scrimmage. In high school she dropped lacrosse and went out for dance team. Safe, right? Except she had to sit out the first dance competition because she dislocated a finger during some nonsense in the lunch room.

  3. Goodness what an ordeal! I’m so glad so many people were right where you needed them to be. My son-in-law is an orthopedic surgeon and often goes to Tallahassee for workshops and continuing ed stuff. I hope everything heals well and without too much discomfort. For your son and for you too : )

  4. oh my goodness – the Xray! My momma heart hurts for you . . .and of course, for him! Wow – that was wonderful to have the doctor and others there to help.

  5. Oh my. I know it must have been so hard to watch your boy go through all this. It was good that all those people were available to help right away. Those x-rays–I’m so glad the second one looks so much better!
    My granddaughter is running track and doing high jump this spring–lots of meets. So far, no injuries.
    Enjoy the rest of April.

  6. Our son was also an athlete from the age of 4 and we endured many bruises, tears and surgeries, but thankfully never a break. I highly recommend sports for our kids, but it does take a toll on their joints later on. My son is now 52 with terrible knees, but a terrific work ethic and team leader. He has no regrets and neither do we. Trusting your boy will recuperate and heal quickly and be on the soccer field next season.

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