A to Z challenge – Day 23

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W is for Whitesnake

I’m headed back now to the 80s hair metal scene with this band. Around 2009, I got back into this genre and era of music so very much and Whitesnake helped me get there. We all know Here I go Again but my favorite was In the Still of the Night. Maybe I’m just a little depraved but what I love is the sexual nature of their music. It’s not explicit but implicit. The lyrics, much in the same way as, say, AC/DC, are hinting at sex but they don’t do it in your face and obvious. It doesn’t need to be. So much of today’s rap IS and I hate that.

David Coverdale is such a charismatic front man too. In some ways he’s like a young Robert Plant (I never was a huge Zepplin fan but he could totally get it.) So yes, this song rocked; so heavy! But here’s a ballad that was also amazing:

I found an article not that long ago about a blues cover they did that discussed why Whitesnake hit at the essence of bluesy rock.

They weren’t wrong; this song is a real banger and even though this is a “hair metal” band, this one does go off the reservation a bit. I’ll always hold Whitesnake in a special place in my heart because what they represent to me: the 80s and fun, emotional music.

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