A to Z challenge – Day 15

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O is for Ozzy Osbourne

This one was apparent from the get-go; I have always had a soft spot in my heart for dear Ozzy. When I was maybe 12, I picked up the No More Tears album and it blew my mind. That was exactly the kind of rock that I liked: blazing guitar solos, a chugging sort of sound that wasn’t too dark, and Ozzy’s melodic and sort of, well, demonic voice. I was instantly in love. And what’s funny is that when I told my parents, they launched into their diatribe about they they once walked out of a Black Sabbath concert because it sounded so bad. I felt like this was sacrilege! You don’t walk out on Ozzy! Though I am sure he had some bad shows in the day, what with all he put his body through.

After that album, I pretty much bought every other album he did in his solo career. I would consider him in my top five for hard rock artists that I carried with me at all times. Maybe that is how I see favorite groups anyway: part of me, close friends. When his family made their Mtv reality show, my mom and sister watched it too. I loved it! Sure, they were exceedingly dysfunctional but so funny too. It also humanized him in a way. Like most people, more than the memes.

THAT is funny, you guys.

Ok, to the music. Here are some of my favorite songs from his solo career and a Sabbath one to boot. (Because truthfully, I am more of a Dio Sabbath fan myself).

What more can I say? I still love Ozzy. I got his newest album and though highly produced and collaborated on (OMG, I even like one of the two songs with Post Malone) it is entertaining. I hope he can hang in there a little more. I had gotten tickets to a concert in Atlanta for sometime in 2020 but it got canceled – even before Covid. Sure, I got a refund but I’d rather just be able to see him before his health deteriorates too much.

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