MMMM + This was one exhausting weekend!

You all: I am not kidding when I tell you that this weekend ran me ragged!

Let’s go back to Thursday, when it was my son’s 11th birthday.

We got him a gift card and a new water bottle and then took him to Outback for dinner. Elliot had practice after and while we all planned to go, it ended up being just me taking him, so that was a nice rest for everyone. I sat out there alone and just chilled out.

Friday, Ash and I went on the hunt for a deep freezer but Home Depot didn’t have the size we wanted. The store in Bainbridge apparently did so we drove about 45 minutes to that store…only to find out that while their system was claiming they had one, no one could find it. A very nice sales associate double and triple checked to no avail. SO, we drove back and got the slightly smaller one. Success. In the afternoon, we decided to eat (our meal schedule is all weird, you know) so I made garlic butter shrimp and asparagus. Yum! That evening, Elliot had a make-up practice and Dakota had a baseball game so we were here, there, and everywhere. Tired when we got home!

The next morning, we were not sure if games would be canceled due to rain but they went off without a hitch, despite some misty rain here and there. Elliot’s team won their first game 4-3 (he almost scored!) so that was nice. Oh, and a guy who we know from brew club had discussed trading homebrews so it was kind of fun to covertly drink together during the games. Ell had been asked to sub in for a team with not enough players so he and his friend played game 2, which they lost. They should not have though; but the team they subbed on was just that bad. Isaac had his game immediately after and Ell and his friend subbed on there too! A couple boys from Isaac’s team couldn’t make it so they needed people in the back field. Isaac’s team still won 3-1. So once those were done, SO WAS I! I actually got sunburned out there, even though the sun was not out all that long. So when we were sitting around in the afternoon, my face got hotter and hotter. Ugh. Made steak and broccoli for dinner and then we met a couple friends at Growler Country then went back to their place to chat. It was nice.

Sunday, I wanted to be a lot more relaxed but it was also busy. I did laundry and major house cleaning in the AM because Ell had a makeup soccer game at 1… which got canceled due to standing water on the fields. So with the extra time, we installed a shelf. Then at 3, we took Isaac up to District 850 for his actual friend birthday party. They did laser tag and played arcade games and ate pizza and cookie cake. It was fun! But tiring. I didn’t eat all day so when we finally got back around 6, I made guacamole (keto!) and had a leftover piece of pizza (so not keto) and then a piece of cookie cake. LOL. Hey, I am keto about 2/3 of the time. If I went full out, I’d be depressed.

Anyway, now we are here:

Have a student meeting then a class, then lunch and hopefully mowing. Getting boys early for a doctor appointment, then Ash’s dad gets into town. Then Dakota has a game and Isaac, practice. I assume we will go out to eat after that. SO BUSY! But now it is freebie time. Oh, and I did my A to Z challenge post a little late but I am on letter N now so check it out.


For my N post, I wrote about the New Kids on the Block so now I’m thinking about slow jams I like. This one I didn’t even know existed in 1990 but man, I love this kind of sound. Very vaporwave. Before vapor was a thing even.

And I have been listening to the heck out of Toto lately so here’s a good one:

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