Friday Five – Writing, reliving my teen years, and rain

  1. The A to Z challenge has been really fun and I find I am getting back into bands because of it. I got on a path there on youtube for Eagles and Fleetwood Mac then ended up in a loop of Toto songs. I might be 40 years too late on this advice but don’t sleep on Toto. They really have a bunch of good songs. My favorite is probably 99.
  2. I have had such an allergy headache lately. There’s quite a bit of pollen, though a good portion got cleansed after last week’s rain and subsequent cool temps. We’re back up to 80s now but then Tuesday night, it was cool and windy out at practice – so much so I needed a blanket. And yet, there were mosquitoes! Florida is a weird place, I tell you.
  3. Back to the music, I am feeling rather nostalgic for the way music used to be. I am sure most older people feel this way but I mean, I am even nostalgic for stuff that started before I was even born. I am really jaded about the current state of what constitutes music. I HATE new pop and rap. It is so mindless and vapid. And we think these people are some kind of role models but to me, they are absolute trash, for the most part.
  4. Randomly, we watched Tango and Cash on Wednesday night. I’m not sure how I missed that movie in ’89, considering it is exactly the kind of movie I would watch. For starters, it’s action and my dad would probably have watched it too. Secondly, Kurt Russell! I had a huge crush on him for the better part of my formative years. My favorite of his movies were Backdraft and Unlawful Entry but who can pass up Overboard, Captain Ron, or Big Trouble in Little China? All great films! I know people hate on Captain Ron but it is hilarious and Kurt is smokin’ hot in it. Funny enough, I keep running into people – specifically, my friend’s Dad and Ash’s other friend, Andrew – who know of this movie AND like it! I can’t get Ash on board; it must not be his kind of humor. Up next on my Kurt viewing schedule needs to be Tequila Sunrise. I know the Eagles song but never saw that movie. And thus, a demonstration:

Good Lord! I hate smoking in general but when an actor can make it look that good? I’m on board.

5. OK, enough fangirling. I got off topic there. Wait, there is no topic! I love Friday Five for that reason. I’ve been so caught up in my AtoZ challenge posts that I haven’t been doing “regular” blogging. It’s all therapy to me so I guess it doesn’t matter what the theme is but for sure, it has made me happier, blogging every day. And even if I am just talking about the weather, I feel like it is cathartic. That said, it is ugly out today. There’s a huge band of storms coming through and I am just hoping and praying they move out. Dakota has her second baseball game today but the boys have their first soccer games tomorrow. So it’s a lose/lose, depending on when it clears. Personally, I’d rather the boys got their games in. Isaac has 6, Elliot has 9 (Coach Bev, the director of the program, gave them 9 because a lot of squads in their age group are huge) but Dakota has 16 games in a season. So I mean, one lost here won’t change her season that much. She did so well in her first game: 2 hits, 2 runs. I am so bad about baseball terminology. In her league, coach pitch, they get 6 balls (a 7th if they fouled on 6). She made contact on both her times at bat, made it to first, and the boys got her home with their talent. I was so impressed with our team, actually.

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