MMMM + Longest weekend ever?

My kids had a 4 day weekend so I feel like they’ve been here FOREVER. I had to work normal hours Friday so I taught, then helped Ash work on our wiring project (We took everything from a TV stand and mounted it behind the projector screen). I then taught again and Ash and I went to lunch. When we got back, we finished the project, as well as put up a new doorbell. It never worked right, not since we moved in, so that was good. I feel like we worked very hard that day; lots of manual labor. I was exhausted!

We both woke early Saturday to run and got Dakota to practice right on time. When we got back, we all went out for lunch and then we didn’t do an awful lot else. I was determined to relax this weekend since we are going to be slammed for the foreseeable future. We watched some soccer and drank some beer and the menfolk around here played a whole lot of Minecraft.

Sunday, I woke and started on laundry and gave the kids their Easter baskets and then we hid eggs for the younger two, as is our tradition. I don’t put candy in there anymore though; it’s more for the thrill of the find. I then went to the store, forgetting entirely that stores are closed. Well, Fresh Market was open so between them and Walmart, I got what we wanted for lunch and dinner. In the afternoon, I sat outside a little because it was gorgeous, and then in the later afternoon, we all went up to the park where the kids play sports and we picked up a trail there. I was glad we didn’t go to the place we always do; that trail, while fun, is one we’ve done a million times. So it was nice to do something different.

So I thought I had posted my third A to Z challenge post Saturday but I failed to so now I have to catch up. If you’re following along, I am doing each day as a band/artist I like and exploring them. Some of them are easier than others, that’s for sure!


This week’s MMMM theme is a freebie so I want to rehash this one because I rediscovered it. I really think it’s great for running and also, this band gets no credit. As a New Wave of British Heavy Metal band, they rarely get mentioned. I guess they are overshadowed by all the others of that era that are just amazing, like Iron Maiden.

2 thoughts on “MMMM + Longest weekend ever?

  1. I suppose my “hard rock” days ended with Black Sabbath. This sound is familiar and the band is very good, it’s just not a road that I travel any longer. Have a blessed week.

  2. I had never heard of this group but this doesn’t mean anything.. The lead singer has some good vocals. Not all good groups rise to the top of fame, which is too bad.

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