MMMM + been some interesting times

As noted in my Wednesday post, I was go go go all week and it didn’t let up Thursday. I woke up early and ran, then took my middle boy, his friend, and my daughter to the Gulf Specimen lab. They’ve all been countless times in the past on field trips but I have not. It was pretty neat! They have all kinds of sea life from the Florida gulf and lots of cool touch tanks. My crew liked the hermit crabs and the sting ray/horseshoe crab tanks the most. I was all over town that day, as I had been the day before (though the lab was a 50 min drive) so once we got back and I got everyone donuts, I was exhausted. I finally got that nap to make up for my exhaustion!

That afternoon, Ash ran and then around 7:30 we went up to our friend’s house. His wife had gone to Tampa and he was eager to share some TBBC beer she’d gotten with us. One of them we had had but the other was new.

Whether my body was ill-equipped for drinking that day or the sandwich I’d made and brought to the lab with the kids wasn’t enough, or the five full glasses of water I’d had in the afternoon didn’t properly lubricate me or what BUT… there was a point at which I was DONE. Sick on the 2 minute car ride home. Sick once home, then I passed out. Morning came and I had the typical hangover headache (though I swear I drank my normal if not less than). I got up and drank water, slowly, and even downed a piece of toast. Well, that didn’t stay down. An hour later I tried crackers and more water to no avail. Finally around 11 I cracked a ginger ale and figured if that stayed down I would go to lunch even if I didn’t order. But at Carrabba’s, I had half a cup of soup and a piece of bread and finally, my body let me be. I took some Aleve and a nap and when I woke, felt MUCH better. But that entire morning was awful! Kind of convinced it was some kind of stomach bug too. It’s pretty unusual of me to feel that way the day after. Oh well.

By evening I was finally able to eat a real meal and we made burgers. But my body was still weak and I was so tired. Slept on the couch and still slept from about 12:30- 7:45 Saturday morning.

Did a four mile run and my oldest chose to run with me. I’m usually too slow for him but he wanted to earn game time. It was nice to have him there though. Went to Sonny’s then Ash went to the neighbor’s house for NCAA and I took Dakota to the playground. The boys just gamed, as they tend to do. We are in that stage of life, I guess, where they’re getting old enough they do their own things. Sigh.

Before the playground I found myself in a very bad mood. Be it for Ash doing something without me – which he is obviously free to do – or just general irritation, I was not feeling happy about life. I guess we all go through those phases and have to contain it or get over it. I was telling my son how my mom was always so good at keeping quiet when my dad was going off on something or irritated or something. She knew when to talk and when not too. I should be better about that too. I’m not fond of the neighbor guy but his wife is fine and their daughter is Dakota’s friend. And Ash got back just fine I just don’t care for him and it bothers me. But I can keep that to myself.

Sunday was a much better day all in all. I slept in, then got the steaks going in the sous vide and and went to the store. We had lunch then watched some soccer. I did laundry. We met a couple other couples at Growler Country where I was able to drink my normal amount of beer and barely feel anything. So food and water helped me there! We were only one a couple hours so when we got back, the whole family did a six mile bike ride. It was nice but also difficult; we did a particularly hilly route.

This morning, it is back to teaching (one college was on Spring Break so I myself got a break) and I have to get my thoughts in order. Hard to start back up after a break; it’s like trying to get a car out of deep mud. The wheels are spinning but there’s no forward movement. Eventually they’ll catch some traction and you can start digging yourself out of the hole. That is exactly what today feels like.


Freebie week!! Yay. I like them and hate them for the same reason: I get to choose and there’s no theme. Sometimes the theme really does work, ya know?

Anywho, let’s see. What am I feeling today? How about some Spring-y type stuff? I did a quick search and found songs even I didn’t know! And I am sharing them with you.

I do so love Carly Simon. Here’s one I never even knew about.

And apparently this is a solo effort from Donald Fagan of Steely Dan Fame?

3 thoughts on “MMMM + been some interesting times

  1. I wasn’t familiar with the first song. The second song (Sinatra) I knew well. So the one of interest was Donald Fagen’s because I am not at all familiar with his solo work. This particular song is quite (I think) Steely Dan-like. Interesting playlist this came from, too.

  2. Love the songs you chose. I’d never heard the Carli Simon song, but it’s up to her usual high standards. “It Might As Well Be Spring” is a great standard, and no other male singer does the standards like Frank Sinatra (Ella Fitzgerald wins the crown for female singers). And, yes, I have all 4 Donald Fagen solo albums, and they’re all great, “Kamakiriad” might be the best. Good picks!

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