Wednesday ‘Podge – Spring Break for my kids is exhausting

1. This week’s Hodgepodge lands on St. Patrick’s Day. Will you wear green? Eat corned beef and cabbage? Drink green beer? Have you ever been to Ireland? Is it on your travel ‘bucket list’? 

I don’t typically celebrate that holiday. Not for any specific reason other than I don’t much care? Also, the green beer they serve you is bottom of the barrel with food coloring so, no thanks. I’ll drink the Irish Red ale I brewed myself, thank you very much. (Actually, we drank it last night and finished the keg. Excited to move the next beer in!) I have not been to Ireland but I do think it is cool. We live in a neighborhood where the streets have very Irish names and the one right near us, Blarney, reminds me that it would be cool to kiss the Blarney stone!

2. Something you think is ‘worth its weight in gold’? 

Hmm, maybe hard work? Perseverance? I firmly believe that those things are invaluable to a child because as an adult they’ll just steamroll everyone else if they learned them.

3. Something that makes you ‘green around the gills’? 

News coverage of Biden? No, sorry, that was just wrong of me. To be honest, the only thing that makes me feel nauseous that way is riding in the back seat. I get super motion sick in a tight space.

4. What puts a ‘spring in your step’ these days? 

Hmm, I was feeling really dang happy about a week ago but now I am a little anxious because we have a whole lot of stuff upcoming and I know we will be super busy. I guess one thing is riding bikes. We did it A LOT during this time last year when we all felt the crush of covid but since Florida has been open and clear for a while – plus it got HOT then COLD, we didn’t bike for a while. We have done two three milers so far and they’ve been good.

5. Write a limerick using one of the following as your theme….March, St. Patrick’s Day, Covid, 2020 and/or 2021, the color green, or life lately. Yes, you can do it. 

I’m not poet but here’s one I churned out:

There once was a mom of three kids here

Who ran her ragged with all their cavorting with peers

From soccer to friends to school and baseball

Her head spun with the speed of it all!

And that is why, sadly, she had to rely on the beer

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

Today, as it happens, both Ash and I woke up at 4:45 and could not go back to sleep. I went downstairs to make coffee and he went ahead and got ready to go into work. Because I have paper grading to do today, as well as: pick up my son from a sleepover, entertain a friend for Isaac, take oldest for a haircut, and figure out meals for everyone, I don’t see where I am going to feel caught up any time soon.

Truthfully, I’m wondering when the lack of sleep will catch up to me. I tend to be very tired in the evenings but the last 2 nights, I have not drifted off in my chair as I am wont to do. Monday, we watched a movie called Boss Level, which was alright. Had kind of an interesting plot where a guy has to relive the same day until his figures out why. A little like Groundhog Day, a little like Sixth Day and Timecop. Last night we watched Robin Hood: Men in Tights, because we love that movie! Mel Brooks comedy is my kinda funny.

So yes, it was nice to be the only one awake and around this morning. For 51 weeks, there was someone home with me at some point, from the first weeks when everyone was sent home to “quarantine” to even after August 31st when the kids went back to school but government jobs still kept everyone home, I’ve not been home alone but for a few days. I had really gotten used to that schedule when I quit my office job and went full teaching. I like the quiet and the ability to putter about without anyone under foot. On days I felt particularly motivated, I would clean or start some kind of small house project. It was very freeing. Next week will be relatively normal, with Ash in the office 3 days a week and the kids back to school. They’re enjoying their spring break but it cannot last forever. Back ta school for ya!

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5 thoughts on “Wednesday ‘Podge – Spring Break for my kids is exhausting

  1. Red hubs is my hubs favorite. I enjoy time alone in my own house too. It doesn’t happen often as hubs is retired, but he knows I need my space sometimes so he is good about finding things to do outdoors : ) Hope you get a nap!!

  2. Haha…love the limerick. Oh those days of kids and sports and all. My hubby has brewed some beer in his time. Not since we moved to the country, though. Happy day to you.

  3. Now that I am homeschooling my grandson, I get very little alone time. Remembering the days of homeschooling my own kids–what does alone mean??
    Yes on #2! Learn to work and self motivate and you will always have work!

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