Friday Five – Weird, long week

  1. Funny thing that happened to me – ok, maybe not funny but was amusing for a second. On Tuesday, I fell down the stairs! OK, so what I did was slide down about 5 steps. I was wearing socks and I knew to be careful but my left heel slipped and I sort of skidded down. My left leg hurts, as well as my arms and wrists. It’s not awful pain but it’s there. If anyone had seen me, I bet it would have been funny.
  2. I randomly had a dream that I married Corey Taylor (of the band Slipknot). In fact, we had a whole big wedding planned in the jungle and an elaborate plan to disappear from the world right after. Like, we put all these things in place so we could live in peace without people bothering us. Who knows why the brain does what it does. I hadn’t actively thought about Corey in a bit.

3. We went to this new place, District850, Wednesday night for a birthday party for one of Isaac’s friends. It’s really close – like a four minute drive – and in this new area that’s been building up for a while now. This place is really cool! They have bowling, axe throwing, an arcade, laser tag, escape room, and a ropes course. We sat in the restaurant/bar area with a couple other parents and had some beers while we waited. It was our intention to just go home and come back for him but it turned out to be a really nice way to pass the time.

4. Our schedule is filling up and this week was so work-heavy that I both welcome the fun things and shy away from any more activity. Later today, we’re going to take our brewing equipment to a friend’s house and do it there. He’s a new brewer so it’s kind of fun to do it in a group, especially when we can help. Then the weekend is pretty free: baseball practice and that Sunday night FreakShow thing. But then we have meetings with friends and birthdays and my in-laws coming and my parents too. It’s going to be a crazy few months here! s noted, this week felt like a damned eternity. Partly it was because Ash went back to work so it was quiet. When I was out of work to do for the day, I sat outside a little bit but when Ash was around, we would have done some home projects or watched a show together. But without him here, I just sort of sat.

5. After lunch with Ash yesterday (which was nice since I was too busy to eat with him Tuesday or Wednesday) I went around to the Goodwills looking for a baseball bat for Dakota, to no avail. But I enjoyed the drive. I put my windows about halfway down and listened to music. The weather is gorgeous and it was a very nice relaxing hour before I had another hour of student conferences. Just five more this morning, then a quick 2 mile run, and I can do what I want.

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