MMMM + A recap of sorts

As I was drifting off to sleep last night, I was thinking that I couldn’t remember all we did this weekend, or if it was anything of importance. I kept remembering things we did during the week as things we did on the weekend, which goes to show how much my memory is messed up. LOL.

So yeah, let’s talk about that stuff. Did I mention that we went to a new restaurant on Monday evening? Normally Ash and I eat lunch out but my parents hadn’t left yet and after the meat market run, we made burgers and fries. So that night, despite rain, we ran up to Walk-ons, a Cajun themed sports bar. It’s only been open about two weeks and some of the reviews seemed, well, not so good. But others raved about it. Anyway, we were not disappointed. I had crawfish and Ash had chicken alfredo (Italian at a Cajun sports bar!) and we had a good waitress. It was a little expensive but all in all, a nice time.

The week seemed to both drag and fly by, to be honest. I guess because of the four day work week. I didn’t so a thing Monday. LOL. On Wednesday evening, we went out to Proof for one of Ash’s co-worker’s retirement. She hadn’t been out barely at all during Covid, though her husband died. We knew him too (it was cancer, not covid, fyi) and so a few of us met up. It was a group of folks we used to play Cards Against Humanity with and oddly enough, most of them hadn’t been going out. But the night was nice; some good beer and fun conversation.

I was in a terrible mood Thursday but we went to Target in the evening, again despite rain, and I somehow felt better. Retail therapy, I guess they call it. By Friday, I was pretty tired of working but I pulled it together, had some good classes, and then Ash and I went back to this Mexican place across town. We spent way too much the first time but this time, we whittled it down to the value. We both got two tacos ($2.25 a piece), a side of beans ($1.75) then we planned on paying for additional chips and salsa, since the menu states that only the first one is complimentary. However, they didn’t charge us for that so this outing was well worth the money we paid. And the tacos were fantastic! We each had one chicken, one steak and they were the authentic kind of with onion and cilantro. So good!

That evening, we watched Captain America because I honestly remembered so little; only saw it in the theater. Definitely better than I remember. Saturday was soccer; the boys had one across town at the same time as my daughter so we had to divide and conquer. Boys won, 10-2. It was an ok game; the other team played a slow game so there wasn’t much action. My oldest got a goal and my youngest got trucked by a bigger kid, but he was ok. What sucked was when the parents on the sidelines yelled – at my son – to get up, you’re fine. I mean, I’m not one to run and save an injured child unless I know it is severe but don’t taunt my kid. The worst kind of sportsman, right there.

We normally go to Sonny’s on Saturday but ours went downhill lately and the wait was insane so we just went for pizza and didn’t wait at all. I napped and then in the afternoon, so did Ash. We started making a fire around 6 and soon after, my friend asked if we wanted to hang out. We didn’t go over until after 8 but it was fun. We played some games (Sequence, Telestrations) with her, her daughters and the boyfriend of one, Good times.

I woke up Sunday not feeling so good but not because of drink; I have not slept well and my body is starting to reflect that. I ran though, so I cannot complain. We had tacos for lunch, spaghetti for dinner, and I got some stuff done around here, like replacing the towel bar inside the kids’ shower. It’s an older built-in so I had to get a bar that needed to be cut to size. This 24 inch bar literally came in a hardcore cardboard mailer that was taller than me! It was a good three feet longer than the item inside and I had to saw my way into said packaging, which is insane.

So here we are. I am “teaching” a class right now but they are doing database exploration for their next paper, which is a pro/con/consensus essay. It’s always timely (now especially) so we can talk about how no one really has effective and civil conversations anymore. Everyone talking, nobody listening. Which reminds me of this song:

That is literally a line in there! I love Lagwagon when I am feeling the need for some very refined punk from the late 90s/ early 2000s

5 thoughts on “MMMM + A recap of sorts

  1. Everyone talking and nobody listening defines our current state of affairs. People don’t seem to listen for the purpose of learning, rather, they listen for the opportunity to respond and respond in a confrontational manner. It’s a sad state of affairs for sure.

    1. Totally true. No one wants to hear the other side. Sure, it’s hard, especially when you go around thinking you’re always right. But we will never get anywhere if we don’t allow ourselves to open up to other viewpoints.

  2. A sad state all right – I’ve never seen anything like it in all my years, and I have to admit, it’s so easy and comfortable to stay in your own little bubble of reality, and that is just what many of us are doing. I enjoyed the song – they remind me of another band but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

  3. Didn’t there used to be a rule that you didn’t discuss religion or politics in polite company? Seriously, 40 years ago I worked with a woman who was a dyed-in-the-wool communist, and we got on great.

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