Five Things Friday

  1. I have not been in the best mood lately; why, I do not know. I think it’s the schedule and the weather. But when I work all morning and then sit down in my chair in the afternoon, I feel like I am bored but at the same time, don’t feel like doing anything. I know some stuff that will break me out of this such as finding a book to read or starting on my battle jacket. But I have not done this. I only have 2 patches so far (Good Lord, Mexico, you take forever to ship stuff!) and I don’t want to begin with the smaller patches I do have. I have a book about gun control that is interesting but I just… don’t ever pick it up. Ash is reading a book about the start of the American Revolution and though I would also like to read it, he recaps it enough for me that I don’t need to. So, alas, I am still at a… standstill.
  2. A friend of mine invited us (the girls) to a quick weekend away since they had a condo reserved for a now canceled soccer tournament. Sadly, I can’t go because it is also my kids’ last weekend for soccer games and my parents are coming back that weekend. Lame. But then I realized that I am not sure I wanted to go anyway. It’s at the beach but the beach is cold. So what would we do? Sit around drinking and talking? We can do that HERE!
  3. We watched the first 3 movies in this series called “Undisputed”. The first one has Wesley Snipes and it is about prison boxing. The next two are very different in that they take place in Russia, star Scott Adkins, and are more martial arts based. But honestly, they are good! There’s a line in the third one where the American dude says something like, “Where I come from, shit ain’t free.” And the Russian says, “Where I come from, everything is free… and it’s all shit.” OMG I laughed out loud on that one. This dude is ripped in this movie too. Abs for days.
Interview with Scott Adkins, Part 1 - Kung-fu Kingdom

4. It’s supposed to clear today so that the weekend is both sunny and cold. I am ok with that. I want to be able to go outside! We have no real plans since we did stuff this week (a retirement thing for a woman at Ash’s work/get-together with work friends he hasn’t seen in a while.) I almost dread no plans but it’ll probably push me to clean.

5. This is it; this is #5. I don’t know how he can look so good at his age. I guess 50 is the new 40? Does that make me 32 instead then? LOL. (Jeremy Renner, fyi)

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