Random Tuesday – Played hooky, Hawkeye (or ‘hot guy’ as my son accidentally said), dreams, and cold rain

  • Yeah, I took yesterday off; from blogging, from work even. My parents stayed an extra day and wanted to go to the meat market outside town so we all drove out there. We picked up some bacon, beef, French fries, and donuts. Seems like a random collection from a meat market but so be it!
  • To backtrack, they arrived Friday afternoon and we had a nice evening. We drank beer and they ordered pizza and we played our arcade bowling game. Sadly, the soccer games were canceled Saturday due to rain. But we made it work. Went to Mexican for lunch and that evening, I made spaghetti. Sunday, Ash and I both ran (in the rain, again) and we made sous vide steaks, mashed potatoes, and corn. Didn’t do a ton that afternoon but we all ended up watching a movie that evening. All in all, a very nice weekend.
  • My parents plan to come back for the last week of games and here’s hoping that this rain is gone in 2 weeks’ time! I really want them to be able to experience the kids’ sports. They won’t always be in the kind of health they are now; I’m insanely grateful that they can still drive here and take part in their lives! 
  • I have a bit of a reprieve today since one school has snow days now and the other is giving the kids a flex day. i.e. a day off. LOL. I could use one of those myself from time to time.
  • Though admittedly, because we don’t work very hard anymore (I have a lot to do but it’s not difficult) I never feel like I deserve a break. It’s a weird thing that has happened. I’m not complaining, far from it. But I am well aware of it.
  • While everyone is getting snow, we definitely are not. It’s cold and is about to get colder but here in Florida, we just got rain. Lots of it. I am dying to see the sun again. It’s supposedly going to come out today, but we’ll see. I really need to put the running shoes out in it, get rid of the stink. That’s a battle I am constantly fighting! Mostly because runs don’t get put on hold because of weather; if you’re committed to health, then you just go.
  • We went back and rewatched the first Avengers (my parents said they didn’t remember much of it) and I forgot how good that one was. I got so burned out on those Marvel movies that I wrote them off for a while (And also, I forgot how much I like Jeremy Renner. ::fans self::) . Remembering how my oldest couldn’t say Hawkeye but it came out as ‘hot guy’ is funny since yeah, it’s true! Whoo buddy.
  • I had the weirdest dream the other night that I had to go back and do middle and high school, now, as a mom and wife. And one of the key factors was stressing about how I couldn’t really make friends or get a boyfriend because I already had a family life. It was really weird! A couple people from my past were in it, namely a guy I worked with at CompUSA and a colleague at FSU. Random them popping up but the subconscious does some funky stuff.
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