Five Things Friday

Apparently, this is still a thing: the five things. I love a theme. Anyway, let’s get to it.

  1. My parents are coming to visit today. We saw them last around the 28th of December. I kind of cannot believe it has been that long; January was both a VERY long month and went by in the blink of an eye. It was obvious how long it had been, however, when last night, Ash and I couldn’t remember where we’d put a gift they’d given us for Christmas. It’s a gift card for a local fancy steakhouse and though we don’t do anything special for Valentine’s day (I hate Hallmark holidays) we were thinking about going there at some point soon. I couldn’t fall asleep last night because I was agonizing over it being lost. This morning, I went through a drawer where I assumed it should be and whaddya know, it was there, buried amidst old Christmas cards, straight A rewards, random manuals, and a lot of loose toothpicks. Gotta love those kinda drawers!
  2. Soccer last night was good; the boys’ team got another win but at some point, the blow-out games get a little old. I hate to complain about winning but it’s almost more fun when it’s a closer game, you know? They beat this team 8-1. The team had skills but we simply out-played them. Weeknight games are always weird too but this season, each team has 2 of them. Here are the boys after they won.

3. I feel pulled in 80 directions today: conferences with two high school online classes, teaching my two community college courses, grading in my SNHU courses, and once all that is done, I have to clean up around here! It’s still relatively clean from having friends over last Friday but it’s scary how quickly a family of five can wreck a house.

4. Cleaning out that drawer this morning got me feeling pretty motivated and now I feel like I can push through and get a lot of stuff done. I have a long-term to-do list formulating in my head too that I need to put on paper and start getting to. One of those is looking into getting Isaac to the doctor for middle school forms and shots. I cannot believe my middle boy is headed to sixth grade in the fall! Oh, and that my oldest is headed to ninth! I guess I’d better get his registration stuff in too, huh?

5. I got an email today about teaching in the summer for the community college here. Normally, they do not hire adjuncts then; it’s strictly for full time faculty. I need clarification but if they sent it TO adjuncts, perhaps they are changing policies now. I would be ever so thankful for it. Summer is always a little thin without that third job so I have to save and save around, well, this time of year so that I can afford the kids’ camp and all. Though this summer, my oldest has aged out of the one camp. He can be a counselor-in-training though and I really hope he applies for and gets that position. It’s unpaid but would be great for him.

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