MMMM and, well, Tuesday now I guess!

Hey all, it’s Monday! I was ready for the week, tbh. The weekend was good but busy. Both boys started flag football so we had practices. We also spent a good amount of time working in the yard; sawing down extraneous branches on tree then cutting them down to manageable sizes to put at the street. I feel like I really worked this weekend, especially if you add on my 3 mile run Sunday morning.

Some fun stuff though: Friday evening we finally met the new people across the street. They have 2 kids and we’d seen them out there but were afraid to introduce ourselves because you know, the virus. But they saw us out doing yardwork and came over and said the same thing! They seem pretty cool and nice and they were open to our kids playing together. So that was very cool.

Saturday around lunchtime, my friend messaged me to see what we were up to. We hadn’t seen them since the August 30th beach trip since she’s had out of town soccer tournaments every weekend. So she and her husband came over around 8 Saturday and we just had a few drinks and watched football. It was nice to just sit and chat, tbh. They left about 12 and it was such a nice comfortable time. The reason I say this is because Ash had his new-ish friend over again for football Sunday and it was not so good.

The first week, we were very inviting and open, as good hosts should be, but he was not the best guest. The first week, we offered him our home brew and he drank, like, 7. So when he left, we suggested he bring a 6 pack next time. We also mentioned how we used to have a friend who always came for Sunday football and we’d rotate meals. I.E. I made most weeks but then he’d bring pizza and cookies one week, to make it fair. So this dude shows up yesterday with the lamest excuse. He said he bought 6 packs but he drank them all, save for the one can he brought with him. THEN he proceeds to say that he’s going to help himself to our beer. Well, we floated that keg Saturday night so that was a no-go. Ash offered him a bottle of a generic type from the beer fridge but the thing that killed me was that he kept going back for more and never once asked if it was ok. Like, dude, have a little tact.

The dude has no understanding of what it’s like to be in someone’s home. He kept brining up politics then backtracking saying he shouldn’t have. He had zero rebuttals to anything so yeah, he definitely should not have tried to engage if he had no info to provide.

So… I totally left this post yesterday and went to lunch. We then got started cutting down another small tree.

I am still going to post my music today because I think it’s important. I am not one of those people who overreacts on social media when a celebrity dies. But I was a little hurt by Eddie’s death. Rock and roll is and always has been a huge part of my life. When I was a very little kid, my dad played Mtv in the house and I was starstruck. Some of the first songs I liked where “Turning Japanese by the Vapors, Uptown girl by Billy Joel, and Hot for Teacher by Van Halen. This was a first for a couple reasons: first, David Lee Roth was my first rockstar crush. Even at 5 or 6, I knew that that was what sexy was. But even more important than that was the sound of that song moved something inside me. I felt it in my bones, somehow. So with the passing of Eddie Van Halen, I pay tribute to him with the following songs. There might never be another guitarist this talented.

3 thoughts on “MMMM and, well, Tuesday now I guess!

  1. Your guest sounds like a real jerk.

    Good tribute to EVH. I wasn’t a huge fan of Van Halen, but he was a hell of a guitar player and he married Valerie Bertinelli…

  2. i’ll ditto John on Ash’s new-ish friend. His behavior would actually concern me – I hope it all works out OK if he ever shows up again. I’m another mourning the death of Eddie Van Halen. Been a fan of his since almost the beginning of Van Halen. Enjoyed both of your selections.

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