Random Tuesday – What day is it? Things are weird for everyone

Stacy Uncorked


  • Sorry I have been MIA; I  tended to blog in my office or when no one was around and now? Well, everyone is here all the time. The few reprieves I get come when the fam takes a long bike ride. And soon, I hope, I will fix my bike and join them. But I’ve enjoyed the quiet times when they go. (But I definitely don’t blog then.)
  • We’re making it fine; our city has about 60 cases and (knock on wood) no deaths. We crunched numbers and that makes it about a 1 in 3000 chance someone has it here. (Roughly 181,000 people in the main city area; 191k in the county). I feel like I might come into contact with 20 or so people once a week, when I go to the store so, good odds?
  • Truth be told, I went out twice last week and I probably will this week. We went to Costco for the first time since before the whole thing, when we did some minor stocking up. I was happy that it was not crowded at all. We got lots of stuff – no TP – and I won’t have to go back any time soon.
  • I have to admit: I have been having a drink almost every day and we’ve had cookies and ice cream in the house way more often than normal. However, I have been running again about every other day and doing DDP Yoga on the in-between days. So that’s good. Honestly, I feel like we have so much time to get stuff done now; it’s nice. Way less stressful, even given the umbrella of pandemic over us all.
  • There’s so much about this whole thing that I hate; not just the staying home, etc. But the way the country is handling it. Though I think telling people to stay in is probably right, shutting down the economy is not. I feel like we need to keep vulnerable populations home, and if you can work from home, you should. But everyone else needs to go back to work with more precautions. Otherwise, we’re tanking ourselves for what?
  • Also, anyone notice how the news cannot talk about anything else? Makes you wonder if they’re just using this as part of their agenda. I mean, it IS an election year. And there IS a Biden sexual assault accusation but no, we couldn’t talk about that could we? Wink wink. Screw you, mainstream media.
  • Ok, rant over. Y’all know where I stand politically. I mean, no one LIKES Trump. He’s a blowhard. But I also don’t fault him for trying to keep us all informed and bring hope. Or for getting mad at dumb reporters. (You see the one where he asked her if she worked for China? Guess what? She does!) But I think Biden might be clinically senile now and a complete waste of time. If I were a Dem, I wouldn’t want that over someone I hated, no matter the level of hate. But hey, your vote.
  • I lied; I continued that rant, didn’t I? LOL. OK, just kidding. I am moving on now, promise. I have a Zoom interview for a virtual assistant job today (thanks for the help, Stacy!) I am nervous but not? I don’t know. Zoom bothers me because I can see myself. I guess, unlike younger generations, I haven’t really taken to video chatting.
  • On Sunday, we zoomed with Ash’s dad and his wife, his brother and wife and baby,  and his step-sister. I was against it because ugh. But it went fine and we got the hang of it. In fact, it was kind of nice to hear how everyone is doing. We group text a lot but this was better. They’re in Chicago and Arizona respectively so that was cool to hear.

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