Random Tuesday – Hurtling towards Christmas, cold, and blah

Stacy Uncorked


  • If you were here yesterday for my introspection, hooray, there’s more today.  I don’t know; maybe it’s this holiday season or the recent injury and kid sickness but I just started, well, feeling again. You ever do that? Have so much going on that you shelve most emotion so you can get it done then realize later it’s all still there? I have a bad habit of doing that and then I feel so not like myself and then I am just blah.
  • I am pretty darn excited that this is my last week of teaching on campus befor the holiday break. I am so happy to have time at home. I keep worrying about my Spring assignment but my department chair assures me my classes should open and fill. I think they work enrollment very differently than FSU does.
  • I have a ton of grading to do but I am yearning for the freedom of time home alone without so much work. I have a reprieve in one of my prison classes – they have just reading this week – so maybe I can steal away to get some small teacher xmas gifts. This is one of my goals in the coming weeks.
  • I am not going to lie to you and say I haven’t already been listening to Christmas music. I most certainly have. But a carefully tailored mix. Some classics, some jazzy renditions. Nothing new. I just can’t stand most new versions of stuff. I mean, I know I am snooty about new pop but pop stars singing cherished Christmas music really bothers me. I’m sorry.
  • We seemingly have a leak in our pool so last week I reached out to a recommended company and the guy got back to me in about 5 mins. When I reached out yesterday, I got no response. Ugh! I guess I’m going to call his ass soon then. We can’t leave the pump off for too long. Pool ownership is great but also a pain.
  • It got all cold today – 32 this morning. I am already over it, to be honest. I like weather in the 60s, not the 30s!
  • I am super hungry today and it is interfering with my grading. I can’t think! But I am still doing really well with my 16 hour fasts so I have to keep it up.
  • TMI: last night, female biology took me down a peg. I was suddenly overwhelmingly exhausted and I just fell asleep around 7. When I woke up, I was stricken with AWFUL cramps. It was not a nice evening, to say the least! I guess I thought maybe by the time I got to 40 my body would level out. Guess not?
  • Anyway, I have to get ready to go up to the mall; meeting my husband for lunch. I might pick up a few things for the fam for Xmas as well. And I love the mall. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Hurtling towards Christmas, cold, and blah

  1. I absolutely agree – there are some Christmas classics that need to stay…classic!

    Oh no! Leak in the pool is not good! Hope you were able to get someone out there to get it handled!

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