Random Tuesday – gray/fall-ish, new look, busy all the time

Stacy Uncorked


  • It looks cold out but it’s not. Now tomorrow it will be. Low 50s in the am, which is beautiful. I love Fall!
  • I felt so motivated last night but sadly, that was at, like, 11:45 pm. I fell asleep on the couch after taking an allergy pill but I woke up ready to work. Kind of mad I didn’t wake up that way this morning though. I did run already but now I need to clean and grade one thousand papers.
  • So I don’t wear super right jeans normally. Comfortable ones, not super big either. But I got this pair of relatively tight black jeans from Goodwill (H&M even!) and I think I like them. It was always this weird thing I had, mentally, where I felt like my wider hips tapering down to smaller ankles looked silly but maybe my overall body shape isn’t as wide/big as it used to be so I don’t feel as much like a carrot-shaped human any more. I’ve gone through so many phases like this in my life. For example, I used to hate the way sandals of any kind looked on my feet. Now it’s all I wear!
  • I went to the chiropractor today and man, I love that guy. So my place is run by Dr. Isaac and when I first went, I saw Dr. Fred, a guy in maybe his late 20s who was so good. I mean, at what he does. Then he left and I got Dr. Britt, a younger girl but she knew what I needed and when. Sometimes only focusing on hip flexors, etc. But she’s gone now and Dr. Isaac has to see people himself. But he is so damn efficient and makes my neck 100 times better in just a few little moves that I sometimes want to kiss him right on the lips. I know that seems extreme but it’s so wondrous to not feel stiffness there.
  • We’re free tonight but tomorrow, my parents come to town to see ZZ Top with us, then Thursday we have football and girl scouts. And this weekend is nuts because we have football games and then a low country boil and then a Halloween party/haunted house! Whew, we are always busy!

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