Friday bullets

  • I am in need of a mental break. Like, I’m feeling very panicky now and not coping well with it. Starting to worry about the stability of my life going forward. I mean, I am making this change in jobs because they all seem fairly consistent and the pay is good but I’m worried that one semester might not be as much and then I’ll be hurting. I guess I need to a.) save a lot and b.) make sure I plan accordingly. Also, I need to roll with it and get everything going before getting upset.
  • It does help, though, that I got my fall TCC schedule. Not ideal but I don’t start until 11:15 MWF and my last class ends at 4:25. I would prefer to have been done earlier BUT, this gives me time to do things with the kids in the AM if I need to. And I do have T/R home so I can work on all my other online stuff. I am getting super excited now.
  • This is also good because I was worried for that first week in September when I will be gone Tuesday and Thursday. I’m seeing Slipknot, Gojira, Behemoth, and Volbeat in Atlanta. Then I can come back and teach Weds, then leave Thursday to see Avatar in Pensacola. Dang, I may be able to actually get back in time to teach Friday, to be honest.
  • I was never a huge Slipknot fan but I have been listening to them a lot. These lyrics from All Out Life really speak to me:
  • We are gathered here today to get it right
    Repeat after me:
    “I will not celebrate mediocrity
    I will not worship empty shells
    I will not listen to worthless noises
    I will not subject myself to selected predictable choices
    My time, my attention
    My quality should not be bought and sold
    For convenience’s sake, ever!”
  • It’s been a crazy ass day with people dropping out of the program left and right! But I have put out all the fires and I have 12 craft beers from a mystery small brewery waiting for me and I can’t wait to kick off this weekend!

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