MMMM + Just another Monday

Imagine, for a moment, the largest most disappointed groan a person can make. That’s how I feel today. But I am putting on a happy face for the kids and so I too can make it through the day.

I had a pretty nice weekend, considering it rained a lot. Friday, I left at noon and met my family at Chuy’s. So yum. We went home and honestly? Just hung around. It was nice to just chill. Ash was still recovering from his conference and all the long days and late nights but either way, I enjoyed having the time at home. Saturday, I should have done more cleaning and stuff but I spent more time just hanging out. We went to Sonny’s then had some beer; Elliot and a friend went up to the skating rink too. I wish I could say I was at all productive but, no.

Sunday I did make myself get out and run a couple miles. I am glad I did; I always feel better when it’s done. The rain came on and off all day, interspersed with long patches of sunny. Very odd pattern. I’m guessing all the rain came from that disorganized storm that had been sitting in the Gulf near Texas. I hope we’re done with it but who knows? Weather isn’t something I can control so I have to let it go.

My kids are with me today; the plan to get them home around lunchtime. Next week, thankfully, they start camp. I opted out of the first 2 week session to save money and we’ll make it, by God, we will.



OK songs for birthdays (our eternal host, Marie’s bday is today, I believe) and one that starts with the same letter as our name. Ugh. Why’s this so hard?

How about in honor of aging, we look on the bright side?

And a song that begins with C:

That’s because I am hungry today and kinda feeling a big cheeseburger.


6 thoughts on “MMMM + Just another Monday

  1. Claire,

    Moms have to put on a good face sometimes, don’t they? The rain was over our area this weekend and continues to be so but that’s part of summer…oh wait, it’s not summer yet. It sure feels like it, though. Great Sinatra song for Marie’s birthday. We all want to feel young instead of another year older. And cheeseburgers…now yum doesn’t that sound good – purrfect for any occasion, too. Thanks for boogieing with the 4M gang and for coming to Marie’s bday party, my friend!

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