Writing a Friday post on Wednesday

Really, I am just staying busy in between work tasks. I am trying to be very positive about things, given the pall that has fallen over the workplace once more. My friend and mentor at the office (she’s about 55 and so super supportive, it’s crazy) says I take things our boss says too seriously and should stand up to her. Ha! For all the ways in which I have been confrontational in my life, I am not good at sticking up for what I believe when it comes to her – which is crazy since I have worked for many more years than her and think I know more. But regardless, my friend is right. I need to be strong in what I believe and when I know I am doing the correct thing. But the snarkiness she throws our way is so irritating.


For a while there, I was pinning every positive/motivational saying on Pinterest. I am going to share some of my faves with you because it’s a good way to turn an attitude around.


Employée Motivation Quotes Description Do you tend to stress or worry a lot_ Remember this helpful quote_ _I've had a lot of worries in my life, most of

Top Ten Quotes Of The Day




When I walked in today, one of the older ladies in the office reminded me that sometimes you gotta be happy even when everything around you is negative. And I look at the three older women here and I see that is exactly how they survive this crap. And like one of them said, she’s been through worse so she can take on anything.


The forecast is calling for rain Saturday and Sunday. That sucks! I was really looking forward to swimming and being with my family. I guess it is what it is and we will make the best of it!


A lot of metal bands’ songs have the theme of, “Don’t let anyone stand in the way of you accomplishing your goals/making your dreams a reality.” You’re probably surprised by this but it’s true. I am letting that guide me through the day. Why should I let people get under my skin? Why should I stick around a job I don’t like? I’ve been sedentary for far too long; it’s time to take charge and go be the excellent employee I know I am.


It’s Friday now – finally writing on the right day! I have made it through 2 hours and 20 minutes and I leave at noon. I’m meeting the fam for lunch and boy am I hungry. Last night we went to the bowling alley because our realtor held a client appreciation night. We had 2 free hours of bowling, pizza, and shoe rental. I thought it was very nice of him to do that, though my husband pointed out how many thousands of dollars he made off of our home sales/purchases. But I countered that we all got a house out of it so…

I got one beer while there so my night was pretty cheap: $4.30! I didn’t eat the pizza though and now I’m starving.



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