Friday Five – Moving on, for real this time

  1. I woke up from a particularly nice dream – though I can’t remember what about – and as I stood in the shower, I realized that I think I can finally move on. Friend drama is but one of many pieces in my life and really, kind of low on the importance scale in the larger scheme of things. It will heal itself in time; I’ve said all I can – apologized profusely = and learned one big lesson. Now, we both must move forward best we can.
  2. Beach day tomorrow! Today is sunny and tomorrow is supposed to be mostly sunny so I think we may have lucked out between these summer storms. I’m super pumped for a day with my other set of friends and the restorative nature of the sea.
  3. I have to tell you that in my on-going dreadful week, when I was talking myself out of the bad mood, I was able to stop and appreciate all the things in my life that are good. Every time a child wanted to hug me, I was more touched than normal. Why is it people tend to let one nagging thing bring them down so much? I have SO much good stuff in my life; I needed this – perhaps – to make me aware of it.
  4. I got an amazing pedicure yesterday after I did some stuff for Athletics and I really feel like I needed it and deserved it. There was no one else in the salon and I could really and truly relax.
  5. I want to thank everyone who replied with such kind and helpful comments about my recent drama. I didn’t know I needed to hear all that as much as I did but it was much appreciated!

OK time to get some stuff done then take my half day. happy weekend everyone!

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