Thursday 13 – Just… nice

So I had this weird moment this morning because here in Florida, it’s already hot. BUT, we had two days of rain so it’s clear, sunny, and only 60 today. This got me thinking about stuff that’s just kind of… nice. Things that make me happy for no particular reason at all.

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  1. Random cool mornings! Also, today, the bbq shack by my Starbucks was cooking and for a brief moment, it smelled like Fall.
  2. The aesthetic of a mall. I don’t know why but I just love malls. They’re a dying breed, I’m well aware, but I just like how they feel.
  3. Reminiscing. While we’re on it, malls make me think about growing up, so the 80s play a huge part of that.
  4. French bulldogs. Their fat squishy faces just make me happy.
  5. Cheeseburgers – big ones with all the trimmings.
  6. The beach – the sound of waves, sun, relaxing
  7. You know that sound of high summer –  bugs in the background, the hum of a distant mower, birds kee-yawing as they pass overhead? Yeah, I love that. Preferably if I’m sitting in a lawn chair with a cold drink.
  8. Getting home from a run. No matter how long it was, coming home and feeling that burn and accomplishment is always amazing.
  9. Arcades. Even the new ones make me so happy and yearn for a simpler time.
  10. Night rain during a full moon. If you’re lucky enough for the clouds to part, this is really something else.
  11. Whenever I catch my children being nice to each for no reason at all. Kind of a miracle.
  12. Jumping on a trampoline. I’d forgotten how fun it is until we got one about a month ago. Glad we did, despite everyone saying how “dangerous” they are.
  13. Blogging. I know, lame. But I just really like getting to work every day and writing something down. Maybe I skip a day and maybe no one comments but you know, I feel better when I do it.

2 thoughts on “Thursday 13 – Just… nice

  1. These are all beautiful things to recall. French bulldogs have that amazing good nature, too. They are lovely.
    Yes, lots of people read but few comment, but you nailed it. I love blogging for the same reason. I feel better while doing it.
    Happy T-13 Day!

  2. You have arcades where you live? I haven’t been in an arcade in years. I don’t know of any near where I live. Jealous, am I!

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