Random Tuesday – Running, getting back to normal, oops

Stacy Uncorked
  • It’s always strange re-acclimating to life after a vacation. Yesterday I got home and intended to run but our stuff was too stinky, so I did laundry. Unfortunately, when I took the running clothes out of the washer, I realized Ash had left his ipod shuffle clipped to his shirt… so it got washed. I don’t know if it’s not working but I feel partly responsible. However, had he not taken so long on that Central Park run (see my long NY recap from yesterday) then he would have taken the thing off. I just assumed it was with all his other running accouterments. So the question is: who’s responsible for replacing it if it is indeed dead?
  • I went through a few different emotions after we got back. Firstly, that afternoon I was pumped to actually get stuff done. I live a purpose-driven life so getting groceries and  doing some cleaning made me feel like I’d gotten back to normal. But soon after work, when I was feeling kind of beat down from catching up at work and just the general blah-ness of my birthday (no, we didn’t celebrate; I made tacos. We went out all weekend!) I realized that now I just feel drawn to taking another break.
  • I don’t know if this happens to you but I’ll be working or doing dishes or packing a lunch and will randomly be reminded of a place I love or a memory of something comforting. Yesterday, I kept thinking about Disney World and Pensacola respectively. What this tells me is that I’m still in need of a get-away.
  • Luckily, we will be in Orlando in June. The hotel looks amazing and I hope to get the kids down to Disney Springs while Ash is working. It just depends. Soon after that, we’re going to see Iron Maiden! I’ve really gotten to that point in my life where I value experiences over things.
  • I have to really get back to running; the good thing is I feel motivated to. Sometimes, even when I know I should, i just don’t want to get dressed, stretch, and put in the effort. I am feeling terribly disappointed that I didn’t run yesterday and I cannot wait to later today.

That’s all I’ve got for you today; pretty busy catching up!


3 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Running, getting back to normal, oops

  1. Happy birthday! I think I had heard it was close.

    Generally, washing machines and electronics don’t mix. He might end up having to get a new iPod Shuffle. Or not.

  2. Sometimes we feel like we need a a few days to recover from a holiday, often the trip home from a holiday is exhausting. I can’t run I can barely walk but I am working out each morning and improving slowly

  3. Ditto on the exercise thing. I missed it today because I was in appointments all day and now I am sitting here facing a darn adroable owl cake!!! Oye. LOL I always feel out of sorts if I go to long without excercise. A real holiday would be lovely. Not just me going away, but the better half coming along too.

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