Random Tuesday – Holiday season kicks into high gear

Stacy Uncorked
  • Now that we’re past the eating holiday, I can focus more on the buying holiday. It’s sad that they are known for these things but eh, it is what it is. Have you started buying gifts? I have quite a few so far but I am waiting until we get a little farther into December.
  • Gosh, how is it nearly December? Right? Now that I have my decorations up, I feel like I should be happier; more joyful and warm. But with the handyman STILL working, my house is a mess and I am frustrated with it. He wasn’t quite done with tile when we got home yesterday and needed more thin set so he had to run out to get more before finishing. Sigh. We went out for Mexican and then to Lowes so we weren’t just hanging out with him working.
  • Once he gets the bathrooms done and the closets too, I can start putting things back out of sight. Oh, and vacuum my rugs! With him tromping through each day, it’s bad. OH! And it rained today so now he will have mud on his boots. You guys, I can’t tell you how happy I will be once we move past the fix up the house stage.
  • For those of you with kids, I had this weird realization today. Sometimes I am mystified by the simple things they cannot grasp. You know, simple directions and the like. I get so mad when they blank on little things. But then sometimes I am so amazed at things they do that – I think – are big. For instance, they leave my car each day and walk into the school, find the lunchroom and eat breakfast before going to their classrooms. That seems like a big undertaking for kids who sometimes can’t figure out how to lock a door.
  • I’ve been spending a lot of time watching videos on youtube that debunk a lot of myths – about political figures, Native Americans, and other hot button issues. It’s been extremely eye-opening. Granted, you can never know what to truly believe but one channel I watch is so well sourced to the point that I 95% believe him. I like being educated about things so I feel like this has been well worth my time. (Some of his vids are well over an hour.)
  • Once again, I’m reminded why I don’t make Facebook posts. I merely pointed out that it’s childish and petty to keep posting unflattering Trump pics. Sure, he’s not an attractive guy and he’s sort of gross and deplorable but pointing a finger like a bully on the playground is really not getting us anywhere. I’m sad so many people I know defended that behaviour. Like, just leave it alone. Or get a hobby, one of the two. Because I think it’s out of boredom.
  •  I REALLY don’t want to go to class today. I mean, we have four more class meetings and that’s it. So I guess I can make it. But I am sick of thinking. Honestly, that is what the last break showed me. My brain is tired.

Tuesday Chat!

 So how did you do on your monthly personal challenge.  
You don’t have to provide personal details, 
or the nature of your particular challenge — 
just let us know how you did, and your overall thoughts.
The only challenge I gave to myself was to take everything in stride and not let a super busy month overwhelm me. I think I did pretty well; I had days where I controlled my anger with the kids’ fighting. I made a point to be less angry in general because my husband noted that I was highly strung and was snapping at just about anything. After out Busch Gardens trip, I got hold of myself and brought my attitude back to zero. I started over with a clear mind and in the forefront, was the idea of being level headed and aware of my anger. I have managed not to yell at the kids and stay pretty calm. The holidays can be so wonderful and full of joy but at the same time, stress me the hell out. SO, December’s mantra is one day at a time  and I am being mindful of myself and my actions.
I think this is very doable!

3 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Holiday season kicks into high gear

  1. I need to sort out my gifts to find out what I need to buy and for who, it is a big task and I don’t like doing it much if Tim or anyone else is around, Tim because at times he will complain about how much I buy but this year I am cutting back, well that is the plan but we will see.

  2. It is difficult to keep everything on an even keel with children and holidays and all that goes on. Hope your holidays go very smoothly indeed!

  3. I have not bought a single gift. Or done any baking. But I have decorated the outside of the house! Yeah me. LOL
    It was great though because my mom came over and we did it together. So yes, even in my 40s I still need my mommy some days. 🙂
    So feel ya about the holidays stress though — I think I will steal your mantra for the month of December because I know my patience and frustration can mount high too — especially when the gimme gimme why can’t I have this and that begins. Times three. I think a good start is baking some holiday shortbread cookies. 🙂

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