MMMM + What have I been up to?

Oh Lordy. I’m still on vacation today and yet, it’s never truly vacation when you’re home with kids and… it’s supposed to rain all week! I hear-tell that the entire country is experiencing warmer than normal temps this Winter. I know that here, it was cold about a week ago then got hot and humid and dreary. We saw a bit of sun this weekend but now it’s back to the gloom. They say Friday should be cold and I’ll take that with a grain of salt, thankyouverymuch.

Let’s see, our Christmas felt… different but I cannot explain the quality which made it so. But I think it was a good one. The boys seemed to appreciate what they got and my husband didn’t go too all out. Sometimes he makes these last minute pushes to get a lot and though it seemed like there was a lot under the tree, it wasn’t too much.23874291202_9c93800518_h


I got quite a few really useful items: Tupperware, fuzzy socks/blanket, 365 desk calendars, and some fun stuff too like the Angry guy from Inside Out and some Sherlock Funko figures.

It was a little bittersweet when their uncle left because the kids really enjoy him being here. I had a realization in the car leaving the airport that I won’t be able to go to 221bcon in April. Though I REALLY want to go to the Sherlock convention, it happens during the same weekend he’ll be back and my plan had been for my parents to get the kids that weekend and watch them in Pensacola. The reason being is that he and my husband run a race about an hour away and it takes a good six hours (it’s a 32 mile trail run) so the kids have to be somewhere else. But the way they felt when he left made me feel so awful for planning this. Especially because my husband keeps reminding them, “He’ll be back in April, guys.” Yeah yeah…

So yes, we’re off this week, the kids and I. My number one goal is to purge toys. I’m going to create keep, give, and toss piles. I already promised ice cream if they do a good job helping. We have so many things and we just don’t need them. Furthermore, this house is full up. How many folks buy a home before having children keeping in mind they might populate it with so many more bodies? We didn’t! Our home isn’t tiny – we have four bedrooms – but we are now full to the brim. I couldn’t even find spots to hide Christmas gifts! So hopefully this week will allow me to free up some space; throw and give away many items and create some breathing space in this home. I’m loving this idea already!



We’ll be driving to Pensacola on New Year’s Eve and it might be the first time in many years we haven’t been home for the holiday. It might be fun to drink champagne with mom! My contributions this week include a Harry Connick Jr. song and then a jazzy rendition of the ye olde new year’s fave. I love jazz versions of holiday songs!


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