Random Tuesday – I didn’t realized Tuesday Chat was also back

Stacy Uncorked
  • I totally sympathize with our host today about dismissive doctors. I saw one of those a couple years ago about a – uh lady problem – and she wrote it off. She asked me if doing x, y, and z, which were all things I read on the internet. So the last time I had this issue, I called in and they almost sent me to her. Luckily, my doctor (who has delivered two out of my three babies) is super awesome and called in meds without making me come in. There ARE good docs out there. It’s sad we have to weed through the crap to find them.
  • I finally emerged from my long-term headache around 9 pm last night. It was such a relief that I immediately fell asleep. And I stayed asleep. And it was wonderful and restful and when I woke this morning, I hopped right on the elliptical, finally feeling back to normal.
  • My grandfather just emailed me and I had a mild panic attack in light of just how much stuff we have planned out into the future. You realize we leave for Hawaii in, like, two and a half weeks? Then we get back and have a couple weeks before out Tough Mudder. Then Thanksgiving. Then my BIL is coming at Christmas for an entire week and we’ll then need to visit my ‘rents afterwards. So then there’s a calm January but Ash has a marathon in February and his Dad is coming for that – same weekend as the Superbowl. I’m going to try to go to 221BCon in April (Sherlock Con!!!!!) and then in June, we have our annual vacation and then a week later, we’re going to go to Western New York! Whew. I’m tired just thinking about it, you guys.
  • I found a place that will develop my old disposable cameras. I contacted many places in town and it turns out, they all send them away anyway. So I am going to work with a company called York, who is currently sending me out some mailers. I am excited now, thinking about how I’ll integrate them into something larger, if I have time. if the price is reasonable to get digital prints, I think I might make some kind of chronological book of our time together. The table pics from the reception should be a fun addition to that, if the turn out nice.

OK, that’s all I can conjure. Let’s now go to our Tuesday Chat prompt!


“In Your News: Share some local good news, or a current event that is on your mind.”

I couldn’t find any good news locally so something on my mind lately is that it is Banned Books Week! Do you know just how many books that you’ve probably read are on this list? I love how many people spend their time challenging fiction. I mean, that’s worse than challenging things like same sex marriage or abortion; at least those are real things. This is imaginary and if you want to protect your kids or other people, just, you know, talk to them. So, get out there and read some banned books! My personal faves are Catcher in the Rye and The Perks of Being a Wallflower.



5 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – I didn’t realized Tuesday Chat was also back

  1. Yep – I’m back!! I guess I need to practice my self marketing strategy a bit. LOL
    Indeed it does sound like you are going to have some busy months ahead… but Hawaii! oh my, I bet that will be worth it.
    I’ve read Catcher in the Rye. I’ve read The Great Gatsby, Clockwork Orange, Lord of the Rings, the flies, the farm.. oh goodness, yeah – I think I’ve read all but about 5 of them. Ha. I guess I am controversial!! Well good — it’s good to be open and learn about different things and challenge ideas. Honestly, I can’t understand why some of these are on the list at all.
    Thanks for joining me!

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