MMMM + Present! (raises hand eagerly)

I just got into my office; not as late as I expected but I actually didn’t fit onto the  courtesy shuttle from Honda. It was full immediately. Luckily,  my husband is awesome and he came and got me.

We had a really full weekend. We left early Saturday morning to make it to campus. We had breakfast in Athletics and then we watched the recruitment video (in 3D!) and then went on field for warmups. Unfortunately, it was rainy so we did not get a pic with Jimbo. Boooo. But we still had fun. Our seats weren’t bad and the kids got to eat junk food. It also stopped raining for most of the game. We left at the start of the 4th because FSU was up by enough. Plus, I wanted to relieve the babysitter. It’s not bad to have to only watch Dakota though. Everyone napped that afternoon except me (someone had to stay awake with Baby, who had already napped.) I made them spaghetti but wasn’t hungry so once it was on the table, I ran away. LOL. No really, I went to Target and leisurely walked around and talked to my mom. When you have three kids and a busy schedule, there’s little time to even talk on the dang phone! It was exactly what I needed after that long exhausting day.

On Sunday I ran early errands and then ran a hilly 2.2. miles. I made a pretty big lunch for week one of NFL games and the afternoon was all football and beer and laundry. We played a lot of front yard football this weekend and the boys are totally convinced they’re going to play tackle at some point. LOL. It’s going to take A LOT of convincing for me, boys!

This week is all student conferences for my face-to-face class. I’m catching up on other things too – like my car and I’m going to the dentist tomorrow. I will feel really good if I can get all this stuff done this week!



OK so this week’s theme is songs that tell a story. Strangely enough, this Billy Joel song came to mind first, and I’m not even all that fond f the sound of it. I do like that it tells an interesting story though.


Here’s another one that tells a story of a boy growing up and never fails to make me cry!



3 thoughts on “MMMM + Present! (raises hand eagerly)

  1. Crazy how the shuttles always fill up so fast – thank goodness for your hubby! 🙂 Sounds like a great weekend! Good luck getting what you want/need done this week – I’ll send good vibes. 😉

    LOVE your song choices – I almost went with the Billy Joel one, glad you shared it. And of course Tim McGraw is one of my favorite ‘storytellers’. 😉 Have a great week!

    The Thunder Rolls on The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald but You’re Gonna Miss This when you’re Just Fishin’ taking a Smoke Break

  2. Yeah some shuttles fill up in a blink and others seem to run around near empty, it is day two of yet another busy week for me but I don’t mind being busy it is better then being dead

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