Friday Five – Semi-sick, orientation, games, beer

Five Thoughts:

  1. It’s certainly been a week. I was busy at work – which is good of course – but then home life was nutty because 4/5 of us didn’t feel well. First it was baby then Ell and Ash had stomach issues, then I had a funk in my throat and a foggy head. I even took a half day yesterday to recover at home. That was nice – I finally swept my darn kitchen – but it also made me feel behind.
  2. I am taking another half day today because the boys have orientation in the afternoon. I am actually really excited (yet nervous) about it. If you recall, I met with the principal to discuss Elliot’s third grade teacher. I hope SO very much that they put him with Miss Arassi. If not her, then Bosarge. I don’t know much about the other ones but I know Miss Arassi helped my boss’s grandson a whole lot. And as for Isaac, he can’t get the same teacher Elliot had because she’s taking a year off. It sucks but I think Isaac could adapt to anyone, unlike my oldest.
  3. So there’s this Japanese puzzle game from the early 2000s that I am really good at. Like, I used to beat the ever-loving crap out of guys who thought that were God’s gift to the gaming world. It’s a jewel matching game – somewhat like Bejeweled and somewhat like Tetris – and Ash modded his Dreamcast so we’ve been playing it. My oldest boy is a cocky little thing and he was certain he’d beat me. Ooh, what a moment that was when I just beat his butt. It was everything I could do not to rub it in his face. He was seething with anger but I think he learned a good lesson. Meanwhile, I played single player last night and beat every comp opponent until the final and then got my ass handed to me. Sigh. I guess I have some work to do.
  4. I posted the pic on Instagram last night (and have shared below) but Ash and I went out last night (separately) and we both came home with a beer glass! LOL. He went to Goodwill to check out their specific electronics store but ended up finding a glass from the brewery we’re going to tour in October. Meanwhile I wanted a slightly smaller one. Our keg will be delivered Saturday and while he found some big handled mugs to keep frosty in the freezer, I thought a nice small one would do for weekday drinking. I am really pretty pumped about having beer on tap in my garage.
  5. Today is my sister’s birthday! I really need to stop thinking of her as being so young. It’s a subconscious thing; in my mind, she’s still, like, 22. Today, she will be 31. I know, that’s bad. But she still struggles to make it day to day. Yes, she has a job and a boyfriend and pays her bills (for the most part) but I guess that’s why I can’t ever think of her as that old. Also, thinking about her real age reminds me of how old I am. LOL.

Five Photos:

Here are the glasses we purchased. Bring on the beer!IMG_20150813_192841_resized


I walked on campus the other day and found this awesome old tree:IMG_20150811_115720_resized


And some random stuff from Pinterest:416803e8159275d531c8977c40317d9a


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3 thoughts on “Friday Five – Semi-sick, orientation, games, beer

  1. I love that coffee quote!!! And my husband and I went to Kona Brewing Company a few years ago. Fun place! Enjoy it! There is a magnificent tree on the waterfront just down the street from the Brewery. I don’t think you’ll miss it!

  2. Funny you both brought home the same thing. Hope your kids have a great school year! What a person is doing in life and with their life can definitely make them seem younger or older than they are.

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