Friday Five

Five Thoughts:

  1. I’m listening to Huey Lewis and the News this morning. You know, some bands are just timeless.
  2. I’m getting a little anxious to go on vacation but, as many of you understand, so much work must be done before then. Job work and house work. My weekend MUST consist of house cleaning and lawn mowing.
  3. Either tomorrow or Sunday, Ash and I are signing up for a Tough Mudder that happens in November. You’ve probably heard of mud runs or seen stuff about them. Our friends try to get us to do this every year and we finally agreed. It’s going to be insane! Watching videos about the obstacles (that I don’t know will actually be there until a week before; there are a number of them but they don’t always appear on each course) makes me incredibly nervous but also, motivated to train. I’ll keep you apprised!
  4. I think I may have finally kicked this illness I’ve been trying to get. I teetered on the edge a while: sore throat, cough only at night, headaches. I feel pretty decent right now.
  5. Goals for my day: grade papers, edit something I’m writing, and take a phone call at 11 from other job. Weekend goals: drink beer, tan, relax.

Five Photos:

At the playground:






I have a Martin Freeman problem:tumblr_np3uv7iGeS1rka2o5o2_540




Get stuff done:tumblr_npf0ncdlac1uwqlmvo1_540

One thought on “Friday Five

  1. Love the sign, it is a good way to look at each new day. Yeah for kicking sickness, especially with your vacation coming up, no one wants to be sick on vacation. I have heard for mud runs to wear old running shoes that you never want to wear again after the race. My daughter and I have started running and man I am so out of shape! Thanks for linking up

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