Random Tuesday – DIY, Summer, and kid out of school

Stacy Uncorked
  • I keep having images of summer flash through my brain: backyard grilling, summer light shining on the kids’ swings, the fireflies that start  popping up – here, there, between those branches – as the sun is setting, though it is nearing nine o’clock. I love summer even as I hate feeling hot sometimes. For the most part, even though summer brings many annoying things, I love it so.
  • It also makes me feel less inclined to work. I sit here and try to keep up my normal multitasking fervor. I usually write, blog, work, and read all day every day. but I steal a glance out my window and see the bright sun and really, all I want is my lawn chair, bathing suit, and beer. Or to hit the beach again but we’ve got too many busy weekends coming up.
  • But Elliot is here today so he’s sitting across from me watching a movie. So I have a limited amount of time to get stuff done before he needs to be directed again. And I can’t seem to log him into his account for this one game. I’m waiting on my husband to tell me the security answer. Sometimes the internet is annoying.
  • If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, holy crap! They wasted the first three episodes of this season but it’s been awesome since then and Sunday’s episodes was crazy. I cannot wait to see how this wraps up.
  • Can you believe it is June? I say it every month, I guess, that I can’t believe another has passed. Funny how time moves.
  • Time to move onto the Tuesday Chat prompt!

Do you DIY??
Uh… some? We have done some projects around the house since we moved in but nothing huge. First, we installed a fence in our yard.435523508_fd83c33432_z
And we also built a rock climbing wall. This photo is obviously of it unfinished.3759544029_0b50254044_z
It used to be a lot easier to do projects before we had kids. You know, they didn’t get in the way.
My husband put shelves up once:2224601700_610cd67649_z
And each time a kid was born, we put down carpet and painted:470527476_63e5794583_z
But aside from some minor sanding and painting of small furniture, we’re not huge DIYers like you see on TV who tackles  big projects. We knocked down our deck but haven’t built a new one. We’ve replaced faucets and fixtures and Ash has built things (arcade control panels) but we just leave our house as is. I think mostly because  with kids, it’s best not to make anything too nice, lest they mess it up!

4 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – DIY, Summer, and kid out of school

  1. I love your description of summer, it’s so spot on! And I’m right there with you – flabbergasted it’s already June…time keeps flying by waaaaaay too fast!

    I love the fence you guys put up – we’re thinking we need to replace ours since it’s been here many many years before we moved in, and it’s starting to show it’s age (as well as some rotting boards). I know I could do it (with help), but not sure the hubby would be handy enough to help tackle that project – he’s too much of an over-thinker vs. a doer. 😉 And that rock wall! What a genius idea! I’d love to see a picture of it finished. 🙂

    Princess Nagger Awarded; Rock Balancing in Boulder; DIY Fun with Coffee Chat and RTT Rebel

  2. I have not watched this Season of GOT yet — and let me tell you avoiding spoilers is not an easy task! I planned on binge watching it one day when all my own projects are done; before the kids are out of school.
    You built a rock wall!!!! that is awesome. Why can’t you be my neighbour?! 🙂

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