Random Tuesday – New hires, beach days, and a little story

Stacy Uncorked
  • So they hired a person to replace my office manager, who is retiring. The previous person was named Carolyn, and we already have another Carolyn in the office. Now, before her, the manager’s name was Debra, and my direct boss is also Deborah. Care to guess the new girl’s name? Yeah it’s mine. There’s another me! Out of all the names this girl could have… sigh. The confusion will get very annoying, I tell you that.
  • Remember how I talked about THE busy week in May? Well, it’s here. We had baseball last night, he has his final game and end of year party tomorrow, VPK graduation and pool party on Thursday, Wild Adventures all day Friday, then beach all day Saturday.  Tonight is our only night to of nothing. And I am very excited about that. When did my life get SO busy? I think this is why they made beer.
  • Beer sounds good; yes it is only 8:30 but really, my day goes like this: coffee, water, water, beer, beer, water. Ok, maybe not EVERY day. But some!
  • The hotel we’re staying on for the first few nights in Hawaii is a mere two blocks from the Kona brewing company. This could be very dangerous! The tour is only 5 bucks so we’re definitely doing it.
  • I realize we don’t go to Hawaii until October but I can see myself become a little impatient after we hit the beach on Saturday. Though the gulf beaches are indeed beautiful, once you’ve seen Hawaii, it’s hard to beat that.

OK, let’s move onto Tuesday Chat:


The last photo you took with a cell phone, or a camera:  
Write a story about the picture in 10 sentences or less.

The coffee in her hand had yet to infused itself throughout her veins; the effects had not yet wakened her mind. She’d been startled awake by the alarm feeling exhausted still but immediately thinking about the day ahead and how much had been piled on her plate the day before: meetings, endless spreadsheets, and dealing with a co-worker she hated. Just another day in her otherwise empty life. As she slipped out of the car and tried to gather herself, she was momentarily stunned by the sight before her above the parking lot. The sun burned bright behind a sea of rippled clouds and it muted the light in such a fantastic way she could not help but stare and wonder. Nature truly had some force behind it to leave her so bereft of thought. The sky spread out vast before her and she temporarily forgot the annoyances and daily minutiae ; she was merely there, in that moment. She had never felt so present in one mere minute before and she was keenly aware that she may never see another sunrise like that again. Holding onto that image, taking a mental snapshot, she stood there for as long as she could, reveling in the first time in a long time that she felt truly alive.


That was the sky this morning but that definitely isn’t me! But I still like the idea. Ok, what’s on your blog today?

3 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – New hires, beach days, and a little story

  1. When I was in 6th class at school there was 6 girls named Jo-Anne when I was born mum had never heard of a Jo-Anne. I don’t drink beer can’t stand the taste or smell of it but some do and that is fine

  2. beer – yes, take that tour!! twice!! 🙂
    An AWE moment. love it captured on film and continued with your words. I don’t know how anyone could not be struck with wonder when faced with a vision like that. amazing shot.

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