Random Tuesday – I’m going to bore you with the details of my workout regimen

Stacy Uncorked
  • I just got Elliot and myself registered for the upcoming Springtime 5K. I know it’s a fairly hilly course but we’re actively training and should be fine. It’s kind of sad to be stressing about a mere 3 miles when I’ve done half marathons but those were pre-third baby! I’ve been out of it for a while.
  • Ell and I did a good three miler on trails the other day and I’m feeling it. The trail we run is fairly technical – roots and downhill, curvy too. My sides are hating me! The planks and push ups I’ve been doing in my office contribute to that pain as well. But I am tired of being flabby and I have to fit into a bathing suit in October!
  • I’ve been looking at these vintage style bathing suits on Pinterest and I think I might get one for our trip. What do you think? Too old-lady-ish?296d89de2c4aaeca1724435383721dcf
  • My Loseit! app says that if I stick to my goal of roughly 1550 calories a day, I will meet my goal (15 pounds lost) by October but we will see. That doesn’t really take into account working out but I will definitely be running from here on out. I have this plan to bring my 3 pound weights back to my office (they lived here forever!) and do arm exercises like crazy. My poor family genes: we’re destined for flabby upper arms but generally thin bodies. Ugh.
  • Did you hear about the petition to get rid of the ‘feeling fat” emotion option on Facebook? That’s just plain ridiculous, in my opinion. if I want to express that I feel fat, how does that hurt someone? That’s my opinion and it isn’t aimed at anyone. This world has gotten way out of control with words. Since when do words have so much power? Absolutely insane.

Ok, let’s move onto the Tuesday chat prompt:

Would You Rather?   Pose a question in your post, such as:  “Would you rather sleep in a 5 Star Hotel, or, camp out under the stars?”   It can be any question.   Provide your answer in your post, and invite readers to answer in the comments.

My question for you is: Would you rather live in the middle states, near beautiful forests and mountain ranges or would you rather live near the ocean,; close to the beach or within driving distance?

For me, it’s near the ocean. I heard a random song on the radio about someone never having seen an ocean and it made me sad; it was an instant and uncontrollable feeling – to think someone had never set their eyes on that vast and awesome sight. I am so much happier when I am on the beach; the way the sun touches your skin is different than when you’re spending time outdoors at your house. The sand, though some may argue is annoying and messy, feels right on my feet. The sound of the waves lapping the shore alone is a kind of therapy you couldn’t pay for. I may not be in “bathing suit shape” and I’m not some pretty person who can walk confidently down the beach but I still love it. I hate gray days and I need sun and that’s the perfect place to soak it up. Below: last summer when about seven families met up for the day:13982080100_49d64549aa_z

That’s not to say I wouldn’t love to hike in the woods but it feels more isolated there and that scares me. I’m a happier person near the ocean and some day, I hope to own a house near it.

How about you? Where would you rather live?

7 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – I’m going to bore you with the details of my workout regimen

  1. I feel like all I’ve written for over 2 years are boring workout regime posts. lol But truly, when I’m in this “mode”, I enjoy reading what others are doing to stay fit, and it helps me stay focused when I’m writing about it myself. I think I might give running another shot this summer… you’ve inspired me.

    I don’t live near an ocean, but my dream has always been to live on waterfront property, and I’m close… we have a river that runs right alongside our town. Really, I get the best of both worlds, as our town is nestled between the river on one side and a small mountain range on the other. Really is a scenic little spot, but it lacks in tourist attractions otherwise unfortunately.

  2. Since I live no where remotely near an ocean, I think I would love to live closer to one. I do love the woods: camping, hiking, and I get much restoration and inspiration from there. But I can still always drive to the woods: but it would be lovely to walk out my door and be near the ocean. And the ocean is still the Great Outdoors. I suppose it doesn’t necessarily have to be a beach area. But you had me on the sound of the waves and the warm sun on my face. 🙂

    Work out regimes won’t bore me at all right now! I am trying to get ready for bathing suit season too. And I LOVE those bathing suits. I think they are so nice and I like the rather retro feel. I’m over 40, so even if I get the bikini body through my workouts: I doubt I will be wearing a bikini! ha

  3. I heard about them wanting to take down “feeling fat,” but as a woman whose weight fluctuates, I get it! As for would you rather… I do live half an hour’s drive from the ocean, and I don’t really go too often, but it’s there when I need it.

  4. We live in the Great Lakes, so we have great beaches available, surrounded by great woods. It is ideal, in my opinion. I lived on The Gulf of Mexico for part of my childhood and missed the woods very much.

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