FrIdAy FiVe – FuN EdItIoN

Five Thoughts:

  1. A “barcade” is opening in midtown and Ash and I are really excited. We both have fond memories of playing in arcades as kids/teenagers. His was more for competition; I liked to hang out in this one because boys went there. But it’s a nostalgia for us both and should be really fun to relive some of those games.
  2. Similarly, I feel like malls are quickly going the way of arcades; people just don’t need to go to brick and mortar places anymore. There are some things you can’t get online, right? I’m trying to think. Ok, you can’t get a tattoo online. She can’t eat in the food court online or get your ears pierced. You can’t meet your friends in person online. At least, not by my standards. I guess if you’re ok sending clothes back that don’t fit, you don’t *really* need to try things on in a store. But still; it makes me sad when I see malls fading away.
  3. I’m taking Ell and Isaac to a birthday party for Elliot’s friend tonight and it is at Beef O’Brady’s, a place I’d rather never eat but they do have beer… and games. The kids will play those and eat and I think it’ll be a blast. We actually haven’t been to a b-day party in some time. It seems like all the kids in Isaac’s class had huge fourth birthday parties but for their fifth, all the parents simply sent cake and goodie bags to school. Weird.
  4. My boss and I were talking about how inoften we, as adults, laugh. She says she watches The Voice because it actually does make her laugh. This is true; I find that I don’t really laugh that often. The other day, some site popped up in my facebook feed and I can’t even remember now what it was about but I remember laughing and thinking how I don’t do that enough.
  5. I wasn’t laughing when I burned my tongue on my coffee this morning; ouch. But I did treat myself to breakfast at Starbucks and that’s always fun.Ash and I are going for Mexican and beer at lunch then to see Chappie; fun!

Five Pictures:






I thought that was cool, seeing as how we’re entrenched in baseball season right now


Baby in a box


Isaac on a rock


Mine is “Rolling taco cafe”

One thought on “FrIdAy FiVe – FuN EdItIoN

  1. Baby in a box is very cute. And yes, there definitely aren’t as many malls as there used to be. It is definitely easier to shop online but there is definitely something I enjoy about actually seeing things in person too. Thanks so much for linking up

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