Random Tuesday – Time to hit the road


Random it up!

  • Why do I keep feeling like it is Friday? Oh, because it’d my last day of work this week. I even plan to get home a bit early so I can pack up. Holiday travel is so stressful but I am really going to try to be calm. Stay calm, keep breathing.
  • We went to the FSU game on Saturday, which, despite the rain, was very cool. Tallahassee has seen some tragedy the past week so the rallying at the game was a nice bit of uplift. I don’t know what is going on here but I can tell you that it isn’t because we have handguns or because our police force isn’t good or whatever people want to think. The problems at hand are larger than that.
  • I’m going to tell you about this thing I have about going to my parents’. See, we don’t have a Bob Evan’s anywhere near us and I really love their breakfast food. So every time we go down there, I beg to eat at Bob’s. I know it is silly; it’s not the best food in the world but it’s sort of one of those things where I want it because I can’t always get it. We ate there last year and, admittedly, it was not the best time. Kids didn’t behave and the service was bad. But maybe this year!
  • Ash is updating the GPS, which is good because they changed the way this one road works and we have gotten off at the wrong exit a few times. It used to be really simple! The road basically dead-ended where we needed to get off. Sometimes I hate change.
  • Here’s something I am looking forward to tomorrow night:4143252571_8e37f0855b_z
  • My parents have a fireplace and yeah, I’m jealous. I want my next home to have one. So many of the homes I have been scouring on Zillow lately do have them. It’s on my secondary checklist, along with wooden shutters on the windows and a jet tub in the master bath. The primary list includes more important things.
  • My dream home just went on the market, actually. It’s in a nearby neighborhood and though it breaks one of my rules (old house been renovated) it is gorgeous. It’s in the heart of town, has lots of space, and is just beautiful. But we’re far enough away from buying that I need to just put that aside; not think about it… yet.
  • I finally got my Picaboo calendars ordered. My mom loves them and I found a good deal on two, so one will go to my grandmother. One more thing I can cross off my list.
  • That’s all I’ve got for now. Many papers still need to be graded before I leave for the day and head out of town! Happy Thanksgiving to all; see you on the flip side.

3 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Time to hit the road

  1. I want a fireplace. So badly. I borrowed a friend’s electric fireplace for one of the rooms in my house for the Tour next week, and it’s so nice & cozy. Maybe she won’t notice if I never return it. 😉

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