Friday Five – On not stressing and getting through it

Five thoughts:

      1. I have to admit that I am juuust about done with this class this semester. They deceived me; I thought they were studious and on the ball but so many of them are not and now, they’re all clamoring to get “the answer” to completing their final assignment on time. The answer is, you should have begun weeks ago when I told you about it.
      2. I’m simultaneously looking forward to Thanksgiving and dreading it. Not “it” exactly but the shopping before-hand – because I must bring all ingredients to Orlando for the dishes I am in charge of – and the packing and planning. We got the email about Isaac’s first soccer practice and it is apparently on Tuesday… when we were going to leave. So I need to clarify all that and just get into my zen state of mind.
      3. We’re going to the game tomorrow and I am kind of excited, kind of nervous. Ash wants to leave earlier than I had planned so we can tailgate with some people from his work, whom I do know and like. But that means: more $$ to the babysitter and it messes with the timing of her daily events, like nap and food. BUT, the girl I hired (a grad student in our dept whom I do trust) was a nanny in undergrad so I think she’s got this just fine.
      4. After Sundry posted on Instagram about her SAD lamp, I have been thinking about getting one. I have entertained the idea in the past but I am thinking ahead to January. Sure, we live in Florida but the early sunsets and cold temps tend to depress me right after the holidays. It’s a combination of those things that gets me down so I put one on my Amazon wishlist, the one she had recommended. Has anyone had luck with these before?
      5. On Wednesday I included lyrics from a Bing Crosby Thanksgiving related song. I want to share it with you here because though I am listening to Christmas music right now, I don’t want to gloss over my favorite holiday either.


Five Pictures:


You can see Todd’s bad eye here; it’ll be coming out after Thanksgiving and that brings me a great deal of relief.


When I go to get bagels on Sunday mornings, the sky is always amazing.


Here are my guys on Veteran’s Day


An example of what we’ll be eating next week, at my parents’ house!


We’re so bad at photos! (2011)

3 thoughts on “Friday Five – On not stressing and getting through it

  1. I’d like to figure out how to get in a zen state of mind. lol I could really use that right now. I don’t know why I’m feeling so scattered and anxious, because I’ve planned everything out and I feel really prepared, but I have yet to find the zen state of mind!

  2. Next week looks to be very busy for us too. Friends coming to town, thanksgiving with those friends and other family who are friends, it’s complicated, but it’s going to be tons of fun.

  3. So how was the game? Totally get the babysitter thing. It gets expensive to go out and pay for a babysitter. I think my sister might have used one of those lights, I will have to ask her. I hope you travel safely and have a nice Thanksgiving.

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