Random Tuesday – Evil packaging, eating better, not with it


Another day, another dollar/blog post

  • The main theme of this week is: mad dash towards Halloween. The boys have had their costumes for weeks but I need to construct Baby Girl’s (sushi) and make sure we’re all ready. I am trying to get them to the pumpkin patch after school on Thursday. It might be the only time we have.
  • Thinking about Halloween reminds me that Ash and Ell go to Arizona in a few weeks and I will need to get them all packed up. It’ll be Elliot’s first time on a plane so we have to make sure he has enough to keep him busy/enough gum to pop his ears.
  • The other night, I decided to treat myself by eating one of Dannon’s new yogurt deserts. I ran my finger along the underside of the lid to open it and sliced the hell out of myself with the foil that is under there. It was a deep cut too! To boot, the yogurt was not all that good. 😦evilyogurt
  • I did not have nearly enough coffee today; my brain is still fuzzy. You know those days? When you just aren’t quite with it? I hate feeling so unproductive but I just cannot seem to get on the ball.
  • When I was having those stomach issues, I stopped drinking Coke Zero. I wasn’t having many anyway – maybe three a week if that – but I cut it out for about a month. I had one yesterday and had the WORST headache. Guess I can’t go back to that!
  • I went to Target and bought their special Noosa yogurt, even though it was like, 290 calories and a gazillion grams of fat. But it was ten time better than the Dannon junk.noosamain1-696x308
  • Ash has been on this “diet” for two or so weeks now and it has been good for me in that it makes me try harder not to just snack on say, a cookie. He’s gone hardcore though: no cheese, mostly chicken and vegetables and fruit. But it has also made dinner time annoying in that I end up making two, three, maybe even four different meals. The kids DID eat roasted asparagus last night and liked it. So that was pretty amazing.
  • I have a 10 o’clock meeting and my plan is to run to Joanne’s on my lunch break for supplies for BG’s Halloween costume, and then I have conferences with my students all afternoon. Another busy day! (Oh yeah, then flag practice at 5:30.) I gotta just keep on keepin’ on.

2 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Evil packaging, eating better, not with it

  1. It is a mad dash to Halloween – luckily Little Dude wants to wear last year’s fireman costume since it was too big then but will fit better now (thank goodness for small favors) but Princess Nagger naturally decided to make things complicated and designed her own character. Luckily the ‘easy’ part is an eagle head and wings – the rest will be a little complicated to pull together, so I better get busy. 😉 LOVE that BG is going as sushi!! 🙂

    Any diet soda and especially Coke Zero give me mega headaches, too – I’m allergic to artificial sweeteners of any kind, especially aspartame, which limits me greatly on choices on cutting back on sugary sweets.

  2. I found that having aspartame increased my likelihood of a migraine so I cut out the on the go drink mixes I was adding to my water and I feel much better now.

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